Forex Analysis

The technical picture of the currency pairs on 11/13/2015

Hello.Below is some advice on forex trading on 13.11.2015

Calendar anticipated events

10:00 Eurozone.German GDP for Q3
16:30 US.The producer price index for October
16:30 US.The volume of retail sales for October


ERUSDaili 13112015

On EURUSD finally began to move, and as expected started upward correction.I think above 1.09000 does not converge in the area I will try to look for signals in the sale.


NZDOSDaili 13112015

On NZDUSD pair formed a Doji pattern at 0.6500.I think to wait for the correction to the area 0,6600-0,67000 then try to continue to fall.Shopping for this pair do not see.


HAUUSDaili 13112015

for gold attempted to pass the level of support 1084.70.Fix the lower level failed and formed a pattern Pin Bar.I think to wait for a correction up, at least in the area of ​​1106.67, and then try again to break the level.Purchases do not see, becauseagainst the trend.

Fundamental analysis


On Thursday the Bank of England's chief economist said that "the economic plane," Britain "begins to lose s

peed even on the runway."

According to Andy Haldane (chairman of the Bank of England's Financial Stability Committee), the most likely scenario for monetary policy will be possible to decrease the interest rate within the framework of the future of reading, rather than an increase.

The reason for this policy of the Bank are formed headwinds in the global economy: it's low commodity prices and the slowdown in China's economy.

Chances are that interest rates in the UK will not be increased either in this year or early next.This is also the bank's officials and weak quarterly report on inflation.Add to this list the strong British pound, weak GDP data for the third quarter of this year, and the slowdown of regular wage increases to 2.8% in October, and we can safely say that the Committee on monetary policy of the Bank will seek support in improving the situation in thethe labor market and, therefore, return to the path of movement to the target level of inflation, as well as in the resolution of the question of membership in the European Union.Until key rates will be held at 0.5% or lower.


November 16 Japan is to publish data on GDP for the third quarter, which may show that the economy has entered a recession for the second time in two years.Speaking of predictions about the future of reading should be said that, on average, the economists forecast a 0.3% contraction in GDP growth in the third quarter, indicating that the achievement of a technical recession.However, every third economist predicts a positive figure.

A positive trend may indicate the growth of household spending, at 0.4% in the rate of the third quarter, compared with a 0.7% fall in the second quarter.Reducing the rate of inflation increased the purchasing power of the population.

about negative scenarios indicate Japanese companies, who do not spend as much.Capital expenditures for the third quarter, according to the average estimate of economists, fell by 0.5%.There is a strong likelihood that companies postpone investment costs looking at the slowing of the Chinese economy, and many other macroeconomic factors.

GDP data largely determine whether government officials will consider the need for changes in the composition of expenditure in the new financial package fiksalnyh incentives that aim to keep inflation at a higher level.Recall that Japan continues to pursue the goal of a 2% inflation rate in the framework of Prime Minister Abe's economic policies.High inflation will allow for the depreciation of the national currency against the currencies of trading partners, as well as to conduct monetary policy for higher interest rates.

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