Forex Analysis

Analysis of the candlestick on 11/17/2015

Hello.Below is some advice on forex trading on 17.11.2015

Calendar anticipated events

12:30 UK.The consumer price index (CPI) g \ g, October
13:00 Eurozone.ZEW index of economic sentiment in Germany in November
16:30 US.The base consumer price index (CPI) for October


USDSADDaili 17112015

On USDCAD pair passed the level of 1.33000 and slowly trying to move higher.I should not expect continued growth and will consider buying with the immediate goal of 1.3500.


USDZhPIDaili 17112015

On USDJPY seems to continue the trend gathered up and formed a pattern of absorption.We have a pattern in the form of support trendline.I continue to consider only the purchase for this pair with the objectives of 125.00


ERZhPIDaili 17112015

On EURJPY reached a level of 131,000 on the sly, and again formed a Doji pattern.Perhaps we revise slightly upward, and then continue to fall.Consider selling the trend down.

Fundamental analysis

Eurozone consumer price inflation in the euro area rose slightly more than originally anticipated,

but still significantly lower than the declared target of the ECB, according to a Monday.

final reading on consumer price index for October showed that the CPI rose by 0.1% year on year last month, compared with the previous estimate, pointing to the stagnation of growth and predicting the absence of any changes.

Meanwhile, the core consumer price index, with the exception of the prices of food and energy rose by 1.1%, relative to the expectations of 1%.

most likely that these data will not interfere with the ECB's intentions to expand the program of monetary stimulus in the next month, but in the case of preservation of the tendency may contribute to its reduction in the long term.The European currency may still show weakness until the end of this year.


planned by the UK government cuts on the background of a weakening global economy costs may create a "lethal combination" of factors for the expansion of the economy.

Spending cuts politically motivated and aimed at stimulating the development of the financial sector, which will play a key role if the British citizens to vote for the country's exit from the European Union in a referendum.

Government agencies, including the transport sector, as well as local governments, tentatively decided to cut their costs by up to 30% over the next four years.

intention of Great Britain to withdraw from the European Union due to the need for more liberal policy on the export of business services and financial services in particular.Sector of business services is one of the key elements of the UK economy and more competitive access to emerging markets, can serve as a sure incentive for the expansion of the economy and the movement to the target level of inflation, which in turn will tighten the benchmark interest Bank of England, as well as attract the interest of investorsand traders to invest in fixed assets and in the national currency.