Forex Analysis

Forecast the movement of currency pairs on 11/19/2015

on the market again, the almost complete absence of movement and let's look at a few points to trade 19.11.2015

Calendar anticipated events

12:30 UK.The volume of retail sales for October
16:30 US.The index of manufacturing activity from the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia in November


ERUSDaili 19112015

on EURUSD pair formed a Doji pattern.I should not expect continuation of falling to 1.05000.I continue to be considered for this pair only sales.


NZDOSDaili 19112015

On NZDUSD formed a Doji pattern below the level of 0.65000.Perhaps a little revise upwards, but generally expect to continue fall.For transactions only consider selling.


EURAUDDaili 19112015

On EURAUD below the level of 1.50030 pattern formed inner bar.I should not expect prices to continue falling and the trend down.The next target for sales 1.47313.


SAGUSDaili 19112015

of silver fell back to a level of 14,054 and formed a Doji.After a long fall may start correcting upwards.Earlier think open sale is closed completely or most of it.New transactions a

re not considered, sincebuying against the trend, and sales in the way of support level.

Fundamental analysis


policy of ultra-cheap money from the European Central Bank, may cause long-term damage to the banks and big business in the exchange of securities for cash by cutting an important source of funding, which is intended to stimulate the activities of banks and large enterprises, asthe central bank finally decides to change course.

study released Wednesday lobby group of the International Capital Markets Association reports that the weakening of the European Central Bank has led to excess bank reserves and negative interest rates, which served as a collapsing factor, in turn, to 5.6 trillion.Euro intended for repurchase.

repos involve the provision of short-term loans in exchange for a government or corporate bonds, which are used by banks and companies to manage their money.

study showed that the ECB's policy of pushing down profits, causing the majority of firms, putting pressure on many companies that use the funds to repurchase restructuring their business models, while some of them are suffering significant losses on transactions with customers.

further decline in the sector could force big business to look for other available outside the Eurozone repo framework, providing the potential resistance of the European economy against the background of unsatisfactory ECB policy.

main problem of market participants is that the repo market may not be able to function effectively as it used to be, providing liquidity and accompanying the flow of the financial system, with negative consequences for emerging markets and the global economy as a whole.sector problems may be exacerbated by even more in the next month, if the ECB decides to take back the expansion of asset purchase program.Against this backdrop, we expect cheaper European currency.


Housing construction in the US since the beginning of October fell to a seven-month low, burdened by the steep downturn in the construction of apartment buildings, but a sharp increase in building permits allowed the housing market to remain on his feet.

While a drop in innovation, according to the Commerce Department, has undermined the prospects of investment in the housing sector at the beginning of the fourth quarter, it is not enough that can change the intention of the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates next month.

Innovations fell 11% annual rate and seasonally adjusted last month, showing the lowest level since March, says the Ministry of Commerce report.However, October is the seventh month growth of permits for the construction, maintaining the value of more than 1 million units, which is the longest since 2007, the list of permissions when accelerating expansion by 4.1% to 1.15 million. Units.

housing market contributed to good growth of GDP in each of the last six quarters, adding to the 0.2% growth rate in the third quarter of this year.Although seasonal probelemy housing sector will not keep the Fed on the "start", but they remain the greatest concern for her.Here it should be stressed that whenever the Fed says about the need for enhanced investment incentive spending on economic recovery, they are referring to housing construction in the first place.

Coming reading of the US Federal Reserve on interest rates, which, according to the expectations of many economists and market analysts will be increased in the next month, which will lead to an increase in the dollar.