Forex Analysis

Daily Forex Analysis for 11/26/2015

Hello.Below is some advice on forex trading on 26.11.2015


ERUSDaili 26112015

On EURUSD formed a Doji pattern at 1.0600.I will continue to drop to 1.0500 at least.The sale has not come is becausemove rates to a level a little.


AUDOSDaili 26112015

On AUDUSD also formed a Doji.Props have no pattern and continue to only consider buying this pair in anticipation of the trend upwards.


ERZhPIDaili 26112015

On EURJPY fall again very slowly and in a Doji pattern.I will continue to fall to 129,000 and will continue to trend down.


GBPZhPIDaili 26112015

GBPJPY pattern on the inner bar support at 184.500.Probably try to renew growth and go back to 187,000.From this pair of transactions will not comment.until a clear situation.


The main event was a media leak from the European Central Bank, just eight days before the official announcement, which shows how little was actually decided.Based on these data, the ECB has no clear plan of action to overcome the deflation at the moment, and the appearance of leakage is unlikely to help su

rprise the market at a formal meeting.

news agency Reuters has revealed a number of ideas was actually affected.Maisonette deposit rate, depending on how many have been "parked" at the ECB;buy municipal / regional bonds and repayment of bank loans appeared in history, which carried the euro by more than 120 points down to a fresh seven-month low.

Given the wrong reaction of the market, within a week the central bank needs to make a decision and implement a plan of action.Although categorically not enough time and if there are complications, the ECB will feel comfortable with the euro at 1.06 and decides to open only part of the plan, postponing consideration the remaining solutions until January.This solution has the potential to create a short-term Eurodollar compression to 1.10.



out for an extended weekend, which leaves the potential for domination at the end of the current month, as well as next week, in connection with the release of major economic news.Thus, in the last hour of the European session, the markets are actively closed long dollar positions, in consequence of which was followed by a small turn.

economic data in America include new home sales, the final sentiment of the University of Michigan, the data on unemployment, inflation, consumption and orders for durable goods.However, the strong reaction of the dollar has not been seen nor on any of the factors.


National currency began to decline after the announcement of the fall of the level of capital expenditures in the third quarter by 9.2% - the largest drop since 1989, as well as against an expected decline of 2.9%, with rates -4.4% in the second quarter.Planned capital expenditures for the 2015-16 biennium were approaching the level of 120.4 billion in coming to a consensus on 120 billion.

So far, the Australian has remained relatively calm, despite yesterday's report building.However, these findings call for today skewed for a fall, because there is already taken into account the impact of related industries.