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Technical analysis trending tools on 11/27/2015

Hello.On the market a complete calm and almost nothing has changed.Below is some advice on forex trading on 27.11.2015

Calendar anticipated events

11:30 Britain.GDP qoq
11:30 Britain.GDP annualized


GVPUSDaili 27112015

Yesterday GBPUSD missed a couple in which the pattern inner bar at the level of 1.50500.Perhaps a little revise up, but continue to be considered for this pair only sales and expect to continue the trend down.


GBPZhPIDaili 27112015

GBPJPY pattern on the inner bar support at 184.500.Probably try to renew growth and go back to 187,000.From this pair of transactions will not comment.until a clear situation.


EURAUDDaili 27112015

On EURAUD after breaking through the level of 1.46892 slightly corrected upwards.I should wait for the fall further to 1.44232.Patterns Price Action to enter the sales on the daily chart is not, but you can try to look for signals at the lower TF.


Recent data from the green continent suggest sluggish state of the economy, but also there are signals indicating the pre

sence of the bottom.Yesterday's capex figures were the worst in 30 years.In turn, the private investment dropped by as much as 9.2% as compared to the level of -2.9% consensus.

Despite such poor reading of the third quarter, as well as addressing the RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia) Tuesday and Wednesday testimony of GDP, the market does not produce any appreciable reaction to poor economic performance.And if the Aussie can so easily dispense with the RBA rates and GDP, this is definitely a sign that the worst is over.


Traders eagerly await the ECB meeting next week at which a decision is expected to ease interest rates.

Now you can with reasonable certainty say that the euro is no longer the stigma of "risky currencies."Of course, this is not paradise on earth, but still remains a funding currency euro, which is also confirmed by bouts of risk aversion and a sharp jump in the second half of August.After the October

pressure Mario Draghi, Germany achieve record lows in yield over the last 2 years and eurodollar fall by almost a thousand points, it seems that all the worst events are already taken into account by the market and stabilization soon will replace indecision.

US Fed decision on key interest rate 16 December is also a long-awaited event.Like it or not, but nearly seven-year low retention values ​​for the key interest rate is already about something tells.

According to Janet Yellen, the Fed is aware of the difficulties imposed on the elderly and others who rely on a fixed income.Large yields on deposits will not compensate for the sharp drop in the cost of housing, and retirement accounts.

She also reiterated that the economy is expanding again, and the labor market is showing progress, and inflation close to 2% covenant.As a result, the Fed still will begin the practice of normalization of interest rates, but to do it it will be gradual.