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Advisor Pip Sniper - observation

Advisor Pip Sniper - observation

few ideas for improving the results adviser PipSniper

1 .Torgovlya Monday

Firstly, for some strange reason, the developers do not have established Advisor ban on trade in the night from Sunday to Monday.This is contrary to the rules of work with night scalpers.Even more than that, I generally have never seen a scalper torguyushy from Sunday to Monday, becausethere is a risk that stop-loss expert will be knocked out sharp movement of the market opening.

What should I do?Just turn off the Advisor in the night from Sunday to Monday.

Can I do this through the settings without removing an expert with graphics?

can.We click on the graph with a mouse attached advisor and press F7 on your keyboard.

tab "General» ticks with items « Allow signals » and « Allow live trading «.Click OK.

Monday evening to Advisor traded again, return to the place tick.

2 .GMToffset

results change somewhat when correcting deviations from the GMT time.The idea tossed Shengler c rutrekere, for which he thanks

a lot.

idea is to disable AutoGMtoffset function and manually set the deviation from Greenwich Mean Time, but less than 1 should be in accordance with the time of the terminal (see. How to set the proper GMT offset).

example GMToffset for Alpari is 3, and we will put 2.

How to do it in the settings - see settings description advisor Piplaser

question, and the results look will change.?.

  • Bektest since the beginning of the end of April 2011 with the correct GMT offset:

(Pictures are clickable)

Bektest over the same period, but with the "wrong" Offset 1 below:

As you can see, the results are significantly improved by reducing the offset by one.

But how will this affect the earlier period when testing?

Bektest from April 2007 to April 2011 with the correct offset:

same period offset by 1 less:

We have much less beautiful graphics, although the total profits at the same level in both testah.Dumayu yield curve is madedevelopers move the time forward one hour.Do not forget that they have the problem in the first place to sell this EA.

And what do we, mere traders?The forex market is changing very rapidly and it is necessary to apply what works now, in the current market.Poetomu GMToffset nomination for this EA 1 less, can quite favorably affect the results.

Unfortunately, information on actual trading with these settings is too small to make reliable conclusions - should be checked by testing on real accounts.