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Advisor Iris FX

Forex Advisor, with good results and very nervous Help Desk

About EA

Platform: Metatrader4

Hours: around the clock

Currency pair: EURUSD

Timeframe:H1 for the first and second strategies, H4 for the third strategy

From installation features: it is necessary to open a separate schedule for each strategy.Those.if you want to use all 3 strategies counselor should be open 3 graphics with the same expert (do not forget to specify the number in the settings of the strategy - setting Strategy ).

On of.sayte have monitored real account:

history has not been confirmed, but there are reports of withdrawal.Therefore, we can assume that the account is really real.

Also forexpeacearmy for 25 weeks performed the demo test this EA, but recently stopped.The reason - the trial period ended.The results can be viewed at the link

monitoring real account stands at Alpari.It is from this broker, according to th

e authors, sharpened skills.

Funny moment: if you buy a license, and will ask the support of too many "stupid" questions, then you will return the money and block the license request had nothing more they do not buy.And it's not a joke.I am of course also sometimes annoying questions from newcomers, but not to the same extent ...


Sincetake profit from the advisor ranges from 1-3 to 20 points, it is sharpened by Alpari, and I'm using tick data dukaskopi (see. The quality of the simulation 99%), then to test for stories useless for accurate bektestov.But I still did some tests, only for show.

As always, bektesty performed with a fixed 0.1 lot in order to clearly see the impact of paragraphs.

1st strategy



2nd strategy



third strategy




Settings in the EA Iris fx virtually none.

Strategy - exhibit a number from 1 to 3, depending on what kind of strategy we want to use.I remind you that for the simultaneous operation of all three strategies have to hang an expert on the three graphs.

LotPercent - money management, Lot is calculated as a percentage of depozita.Rabotaet crooked, I advise to turn off (putting 0) and use a fixed lot.

Lot_fixed - Presumptive lot

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Important!Nuances of the installation in new builds Metatrader 4


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