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How do simple bektesty advisers everyone knows (and if you do not see video tutorial).How to make the most accurate test we are also considered.

And what to do if you want to put on the account of several advisers or the same expert, but on 2-3 currency pairs?As in this case, to calculate the possible drawdown?

To test the general operation of advisors on one account we will need a special program Report Manager .

What is she doing?It "connects" bektesty 2, 3 or more advisors and provides a general report, where we can see that it would be a balance, drawdown etc.the simultaneous operation of advisors.


Everything is simple.Extract the exe from the archive file and install as a normal program for PC (Windows 7 to run the setup file as an administrator).


1) First, to make and save metatredere bektesty all councilors, which reports you want to combine.To do this, after the test of history, go to the tab Report, pressing the right mouse button in the tester window and selec

t « Save As Report «.

specified report name and save it.

Once made and saved all the necessary bektesty, run the program Report Manager .

2) Hit File- & gt; Open Reports.

Hold the Ctrl, select all the reports of our HTML files, and then click Open .

3) Then press Shift + Enter and see that the list is another report appeared on the left side of the window, painted blue.

4) It is our combined report.We click on it 2 times to open in the program window.Now we can see the schedule of balance, profit / loss, if some councilors were tested simultaneously on a single account.

The resulting report can be saved by placing a check mark next to it and clicking Save Selected Report icon in the application menu.

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