Forex Strategy

Testing manual systems

How to test Advisors (EA) has already been analyzed.But what about the strategies for manual trading?Just rewind the schedule back and seek inputs uncomfortable, and the testimony of some of the indicators are displaced, compared with the moment when the signal appeared.How to be?Fortunately, there are special programs, and one of them with you today we look at in the video review below.

Installation Advisor Simple Forex Tester

0. Download and install the Metatrader 4 terminal

1. Copy the contents of a folder 1 in the installation folder Metatrader 4, agree to replace files with the same name.

2. Copy the contents of a folder in the Terminal 2 data directory.

How to get there?
To get to the data directory in the terminal press File - & gt; Open Data catalog

Product Information

3. Restart terminal.

4. Open the Metatrader 4 terminal, go Service - & gt; Settings
Select Advisors tab and tick stamped as shown below.Hit OK .

5. Run the strategy tester, and follow the instructions from the video


Download Forex Tester

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