Forex Strategy

How to choose a strategy ?

Which forex strategy to choose

Since trade manually, forex trader is faced with the question "For what strategy to trade?".Choosing the right strategy is not easy, I am asked quite often suggest "some lucrative sistemku".One and simple answer to this question, so how do you choose a strategy for forex trading suitable for you?

Oak.First of all, we need to decide when we will trade.After all, not everyone has 24 hours of free time: someone learns someone is working, etc.Of course there are mobile terminals for smartphones that allows you to trade from outside the house, but then again not every job is possible to use the gadget at will.By the way, mobile commerce, we somehow consider in a separate article.

So you have to decide at what time, in what mode you will be able to trade and choose the appropriate timeframe.Those who have the opportunity to check the charts once daily in the evening, the daily charts are suitable for them in the pages of the blog we discussed an interesting Forex Gambit strategy.Well, if the tim

e to trade in your schedule a few more (tell you a secret, many office workers use remote access to your home computer to trade on the job, better than playing in the "headscarf" and «lines» 😉), youmay use the strategy for trading on time frames H4, H1, M30 and below.It is even possible at all to switch to ultra-fast trading with tick chart, as in the Forex Speedometer strategy, although this requires strong nerves and good reaction.There are universal strategies that can be used on any timeframe, such as Rubicon indicator trading system PaintBar Forex strategy and EMA Step System.

For example, with the time for the trade, we decided, so what is the strategy to use, because so many of them?

First of all, it should be noted that two different traders trading on the same system can be completely protivopozhnye results.What is the reason?Firstly with the emotional component: one person can be disciplined, and the other not.Trading in real-time is often very different from the test strategy for stories.Secondly, one involuntarily brings to the system used by a small but change: someone enters / leaves a little earlier / later, someone looks at higher timeframes, while others do not.Many people add their own filters, trade only at certain times, etc.etc.The list is long, but the point is that the success of the strategy depends much on the quality and experience of the trader.That is why it is often possible to meet the extreme opposite reviews about any MTS.

When selecting strategies, as well as when choosing a car or life partner, is guided by personal preferences.By studying this or that system, ask yourself: Do you like it?Will you feel comfortable and confident when trading this strategy?After all, if you do not have uvennosti in the system after the first losing trade, without which you can not do in trading, you start to doubt, to pass signals that can lead to profits, distort the rules of the vehicle, etc.You need to feel confident in the system, it should be suitable to your temperament: to keep one position for several days, or open / close a plurality of small orders during the same period?

strategy must also be consistent and your beliefs, y the same martingale lot of enemies, but many adherents.Someone believes that trade on the minute charts is not possible, other hoarse will prove the opposite.

possible and a variant, when you take on the system only a few favorite items (some indicator or method of analysis), and thus, leaving the best, eventually construct their own methodology.On the creation of their own "from scratch" strategy we will discuss it some other time, or subscribe via rss twitter, to keep abreast of the latest blog updates.