Forex Analysis

Forex forecast on 28.01.2013

Hello, below you can read the recommendations for trading on 28.01.2013

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The pair finally came to the flat to the state, continuing the upward movement.The immediate aim of 1.34792 achieved.The next target for purchases 1.38444.Sales are advised not to consider.


Doji formed on Friday, said the beginning of a possible correction.Sales recommended to close or transfer to B \ Y (breakeven).Shopping is not recommended to be considered asoverall downward trend, and after the correction we can expect its continuation.


Gold continues practicing pattern inner bar.The next target for sales 1641.85.Shopping currently considered impractical.


on a strong level formed Pin Bar.Sales recommended to close and reopen after the passage of the level of 0.92505.The purchases come early, becausepretty close border of the descending channel and a strong level.It is quite possible breakdown of the descending channel and chan

ge the upward trend in the.


continues working out a pattern inner bar.Immediate objectives have already been implemented, the next target for the sales of a strong level of 1.03447.


Friday formed a Doji on the nearest level after absorption pattern.Possible developments: The breakdown of the level of 0.83502 and the continuation of the downward movement.Or the beginning of correction or flat.


By Kadu formed peak on the last local High.Bulls are advised to close the purchase.But sales to rise too early - the power of bears is still nothing confirmed.


Price continued practicing Pin Bar.The immediate objective has already been passed, the next possible target for purchases - 92,127.Sales to consider at this point is irrational.


Price continued practicing Pin Bar.Closed close to the nearest 123,301 goal, the next possible target for purchases of 127,160.Sales to consider at this point is not necessary.