Forex Analysis

Review of the Forex currency market on 02/12/2014

Let's look at a few points on the trading in the Forex market on 2.12.2014


ERUSDaili 2122014

on EURUSD pair price formed a Doji pattern.The pattern tells us about the uncertainty of future price movements.The last time the price moves in a sideways channel and may go down to the level of 1.23400.But it is better to wait for a clearer situation.


GVPUSDaili 2122014

on a pair GBPUSD formed a price pattern absorption.But on top of the pattern is quite a good level of resistance 1.57496.From on the pattern of transactions is recommended to abstain.


USDSADDaili 2.122014

On USDCAD pair price went to the area of ​​the previous maximum and bounced formed a pattern of absorption.Perhaps it is certainly resume the fall, and try to break the trend.The transaction is recommended by Patten go carefully, becausethe current trend is up.


HAUUSDaili 2122014

on XAUUSD pair price also formed a pattern of absorption at the level of 1178.63 area.It seems that it is necessary to wait for rollback to the level and continued growth.The deal on the

pattern recommended go gently.