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Forecast Forex market on 05/12/2014

Hello, below is some advice on forex trading on 5.12.2014


ERUSDaili 04122014

on EURUSD pair formed a price pattern in the absorption level of 1.23325 area.The pattern of bullish and the price may move back to the upper boundary outset.The deal on the pattern does not include, as recommendedthe current trend is down.


YuSDHFDaili 04122014

on a pair of USDCHF price also formed a bearish engulfing in the level of 0.97080 area.I think it was a correction to the previous penetration level and will continue to increase in price.The deal on the pattern is not recommended because comethe current trend is up.


USDZhPIDaili 04122014

on a pair USDJPY price formed a Doji pattern at 119.831.It may be a small downward correction before continuing the growth trend.The deal on the pattern recommended go gently.