Forex Analysis

Technical picture on 05/08/2015

Hello.Let's look at a couple of interesting points in the Forex market.


ERUSDaili 8052015

on EURUSD pair formed a price pattern inner bar.Prior to the resistance level is not reached bit, but I think the movement to it will continue after a small correction.The deal on the pattern recommended by the rules to enter the pattern in the direction of the main trend.


ERZhPIDaili 8052015

pair EURJPY At the same pattern inner bar area 134.551 level.I will continue to rise to the level of 140.568.The transaction is recommended to go by the rules of the pattern.

banks Analytics


Limit orders:
Morgan Stanley - AUD / USD: Sell limit at 0.805, T / P: 0.75, S / L: 0.83

Morgan Stanley - AUD / USD: Sell limit at 0.81,T / P: 0.75, S / L: 0.82


Limit orders:
Morgan Stanley - EUR / USD: Buy limit at 1.116, T / P: 1.15, S / L: 1.106


Limit orders:
Morgan Stanley - GBP / USD: Sell limit at 1.5305, T / P: 1.45, S / L: 1.5505


Limit orders:
Morgan Stanley - USD / CAD: Buy limit at 1.2, T

/ P:1.28, S / L: 1.19