Standard and Cent accounts

Cent accounts forex

Hello!Many novice forex traders do not fully understand the difference between a standard (classical) and Cent accounts.So I decided to write this little note, in order to clarify.

Let's start. In all favorite Alpari cent account called the Nano, probably in honor of Rosnano))

Standard Account :
balance is displayed in dollars
Min.Lot 0.01
1 point at the item 0.01 = 0.1 $

Many DC-oriented beginners, for example Roboforex Forex4You and provide an opportunity to open a cent account.

Cent account:
balance is displayed in cents, a deposit of $ 20 will look like in a terminal 2000c.
Min.Lot 0.1, but sincebalance in cents, then 1 point of price movement under item 0.1 will equal $ 0.01, ie,just 1 cent.

Thus, the same lot of different types of accounts may indicate a different level of risk.
Be careful.

P.S. Recently Forex4You offers accounts Cent-NDD, where the minimum lot is only 0.01.Those.1 movement point for min.lot equals 1/10 of a cent.Such an account allows you to maintain accurate m

oney management, even with a small deposit.