What is new and old items

New and old items on forex

in various forums on forex trading is very much specific jargon, not always friendly to the beginner.Often referred to old and new items.So what are we talking about?

old point represent the minimum price change in the four-valued DC, the new - the minimum value of price changes at the 5-valued DC.
Hence the question: what for the four and five digit LC :) It's very simple?.Different brokers use different systems kotirovaniya.U 4-digit broker quotes to appear as EURUSD EURUSD 1.3367.And 5 digit DC, the same quote will look like EURUSD 1.3367 0 .From school mathematics we know that 0.01 = 0.010 = 0.0100 = 0.01000.Therefore, both the quotes values ​​are the same:

1.3367 = 1.3367 0


one old item (4 digits) = 0.0001

1 new paragraph (5 digits) = 0.00001

The forums, in various courses,books, monitoring, etc.common to all point in the old settlements (4 digits) to avoid confusion and misunderstanding.

In all more or less new advisers settings do not require any changes to work on 5-va

lued DC - you specify in the settings values ​​(related to items, such as stop-loss and take-profit) in the old settlements, andAdvisor automatically recognizes which type of DC your quotation and adjusts its work.In some of the older advisors to work on DC with a 5-digit quotation system, it is necessary for all the parameters set out in paragraphs add 0. But again, in all of the new advisors no zeros do not need to add - Automatic will do everything for you.

nice day.