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Hello friends!Each of you wondering, "What would make the bot to mow the loot instead of me?".Create your own forex advisor, indicator or script possibly using MQL programming language.Just on this issue we begin a cycle of lessons, which teach, show and tell you how it is done in practice.

So you watched the video which are the foundations of language, so to speak base, without which it is simply impossible to continue moving.And if you did it carefully, you saw how we dealt with the sample program in MQL language.Answer the question (a trick), the color of the arrow will open an order for X = 0?And at X = 5?Review again the last part, using a pause.


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Write a program (the adviser), which, depending on a given external parameters variable X , displays the information in a message (Alert), comments on the screen and comment in the logs at a time, as follows:


X = 0 , the display «TradeLikeAPro forever ...», and at X = 1 - «! Insta must die».