How to install Forex Advisor - Universal manual + Mini -F.A.Q.

How to install Forex Advisor - instruction

FAQ for installation, configuration, and use of forex advisors for Metatrader 4, as well as answers to frequently asked questions about working with trading robots on Forex.

First: What is the Advisor (Expert Advisor or EA for short)?Trading Expert - a trading algorithm as mql-Code.

Many novice traders advisers somehow associated with something mysterious, magical.There is no magic here is not present, - the adviser is nothing more than a strategy for manual trading, only automated.If a manual system is unprofitable, that any, even the best programmer in the world will not help - Advisor will trade at a loss.

Installation advisers

1 .First and foremost we need to download and install the terminal Metatrader 4.

2 .For the first time downloading the archive with an expert user searches for .exe file for installing normal programs.Usually not found.Sometimes systems vendors provide such a file, but what he does - distribute files in folders.We might as well do it yourself.

So, look what files we have available.Usually it is a file of the adviser (or .eh4 .mql - trade approach and the one and one) and any auxiliary files (Indicators or library).

3 .File Advisor (.ex4 or .mql) should be placed in a folder MQL4 / experts catalog data on your terminal .

To get to the data directory in the terminal press File - & gt; Open Data catalog

Product Information folder opens, there we go to the section MQL4 the catalog Experts .And to copy the files to our advisers.Close the folder, restart MT4.

Copying advisers

4 .If there are additional files, they also need to scatter into folders within the directory data Metatrader 4.

  • .dll file - library, often comes bundled with commercial advisers.This file should be placed in the data directory folder / MQL4 / Libraries
  • If there are file (s) .set (Advisor settings templates), move them in Data Catalog / MQL4 / Presets
  • sometimes bundled with advisors are indicatorsnecessary for the work of an expert.They are represented by files .eh4 (or .mql).They are placed in the data directory folder / MQL4 / Indicators

5 .Open the trading terminal, go Service - & gt; Settings
Select Advisors tab and tick stamped as shown below.Hit OK

Service settings - MT4

6 .We find the window with the name Navigator

If you do not have such a small window to press the button at the top terminal.

In the Navigator click the plus sign in front of section Advisors

from the drop list with the mouse drag the appropriate adviser on the pre-open a graph with currency pair and timeframe, suitable for the work of the expert (usually specified in the description.)

7 .Appears Advisor settings window looks like

Here you can change the parameters of the adviser, for example, the size of the trading lot.Also, if you complete a trade expert went settings file template (.set), you can download this template by clicking Download and selecting the appropriate file.Similarly, you can save your settings template by clicking the Save .

8 .After changing the settings, click OK.The graph at the top right face icon.

When he smiles, it's okay - Advisor runs.If not, on the chart with a counselor right click, choose Advisors - & gt; Properties (so we get to the Advisor settings window), choose General tab and check that ticks were like in the image below

also need to check the button to

Auto trade button

it was green at the top of the terminal if it is red, - click on her arm.

9 . Basic settings.

Settings may be expressed in numbers (eg trading lot) or in the form incl. / Off.

ON-turn, usually displayed as true

OFF-switch off, usually displayed as false

Ieif on the other hand some have the option of setting true / false , we are thus able to turn it on (true) or off (false).

course for different advisers description of the parameters will be very different, but there are a number of settings that are repeated in the majority of experts:

Lotsize - trade size to be used by an adviser.

MicroLots - on / off, trade micro lots 0.01,0.02,0.03 ....

MoneyManagement -. On / off.When this option is enabled, the adviser himself will determine the size of the trading lot.

Comment - commentary on orders advisor.We need to be able then, studying the history of transactions, to distinguish the position of advisor to other orders (open hand or other experts).

MagicNumber - code, for which the adviser determines its position can be any.However, it is impossible to have two advisors on one account was the same magic.Otherwise there could be confusion with orders.

GmtOffset - see How to set the right GMToffset

Answers to frequently asked questions on work with advisors

In .. I installed advisor for 2 hours had passed, and he does not open the position.What's wrong?

About .It's like that.Advisor opens a warrant when there will be favorable conditions.Be patient.And experts who trade very often (a big hello Ilan) usually poured deposit.It is necessary to you?Better less, but better.

In . I try to change the settings, but they do not change - when I open the settings again - they are the same !!!

About .Change the expert options to on the chart with an attached advisor , and not in the Navigator window.

In .Why Advisor icon in the browser window, gray, not color?It is not active?

About .Active.It just means that you do not have source code mql-Code.If you are not familiar with programming, for you there is no difference.Advisor will still sell well.

V. Adviser closed the deal in less !!!I panicked!Maybe in the settings that it is necessary to fix it?

O. nothing to fix it is not necessary.Advisor - it's not a magic machine that knows where the market will go.Negative transaction will be and this is normal.We are concerned that the number of trades exceeded the number of loss-making, and as a result the robot gave a positive balance on the account of the increase.

V. complete with advisor indicators go.What should I do with them?To put on the schedule?

O. If additional forex indicators used in the work of the adviser, they should be placed in a folder directory data / MQL4 / Indicators.Hang them on the schedule is not necessarily sufficient to attach only one EA.

In . Can one account to run 2 different right advisor?

About .Oh sure.For each expert should be open a separate window with the schedule and in any case should not be the same MagicNumber .

In .How to run simultaneously two terminals of DC?I want to, and at the same time real and demo trading.

About .Nuzhno install a second terminal in a folder with a different name.For example Metatrader4-2.

In .A be traded hands on the account where the adviser is working?

About .Yes.Advisor will not touch your orders.

V. Can I manually close the orders opened robot?

O. Can.But be careful - not all bots perceive adequately closing of the order manually.For example, after you close the deal, EA can re-open the same.

In . downloaded adviser, and he is not tested, what is it?

About .If the advisor has a parameter AutoGmT, disconnect it and put hand to work in the Strategy Tester.

In . Will the adviser, if I close the terminal or turn off the computer?

About . No.The computer and the terminal should work.As an option you can consider using a VPS server.

In . And if I restart my computer and open Terminal again?Do Advisor will continue to work or need to re-set it?

About . In this case, no problem Advisor will continue its work.But if at the time you restart the computer a signal occurs for the opening position, the adviser may miss it becauseIt did not work during the occurrence of the signal.

Q. And how can you test an expert on historical data?

O. See video tutorial "How to test the adviser."

V. I trade on account of a few experts.How to calculate the profitability of each separately?

O. see. How do I know how much gain by selling each adviser

Q. I have an account in rubles.What settings to put in money management advisor?

O. Advisor does not know what rubles.He will think that you have on your dollar bill and open large positions.Those.if you have an account in rubles, it is not necessary to use an automatic money management - only a fixed lot.Or open an account in dollars.