Lessons on MQL

Learning MQL - Lesson 2 N " cycles , functions and order in the EA "

mql lesson n 2

And hello again, gentlemen forex traders!
We are continuing cycle of lessons on the MQL, and this time, ending the familiarity with the basics (look at the cycles and functions), we will write to you our first adviser.Although it is one of the simplest of experts, it still can claim to become the basis for your future profitable trading systems.


homework n2 mql

Using the knowledge you have gained after watching this video, I ask you to finish adviser who we discussed in the video as follows:

  • need to add an external variable Indent, which will beindent (above / below) from extrema prices and considering this option already set the limit orders.
  • above / below the extremes are at a distance PipStop (add external variable) to set stop orders, StopLoss and TakeProfit of view, stated in the expert settings.

P.S. If you've just joined us, begin by reviewing the previous lesson Introduction to MQL.