How to set the indicator in Metatrader 4

How to install Forex Indicator in the Metatrader 4

Instruction for beginners forex traders to install custom indicators.

Consider the example FX5 Macd Divergence.

  1. You Metatrader 4
  2. program Download the archive with the indicator, unpack it and get ex4 file and / or mql must be installed.These files are copied to the folder MQL4 / Indicators catalog data on your terminal .
  3. To get to the data directory in the terminal press File - & gt; Open Data catalog
  4. Product Information folder opens, there we go to the section MQL4 the catalog Indicators .And to copy the files of our indicators.Close the folder, restart MT4.Copying indicators
  5. Then we go to our Metatrader 4 terminal, click on the top Service program panel - & gt; Settings and Advisors tab, tick stamped as in the screenshot below.Then click OK .
    Service settings - MT4
  6. Restart the MT4, open the schedule of currency, which we want to set the indicator.
  7. terminal at the top click Insert- & gt; Indikatory- & gt; user and select the name of the indicator set, in our case FX5 Macd Divergence .
  8. window will appear where you
    can change the parameters of the indicator (for each indicator they are different), display color, add to the levels of visibility and configure whether the LED display on all timeframes, or only on selected.If you wish to make changes, click OK.

After you click OK to see the schedule of added indicator

If you want to delete the indicator from the chart or to make changes to the settings, click on the graph with the mouse and press Ctrl + I on your keyboard.A window List Indicators .

to click on our indicator, we can now with the buttons to the right to remove it or change the settings ( Properties button ).

That's all.