Lessons on MQL

Learning MQL: Lesson №3 - Advisor to write to an external display

Welcome, gentlemen merchants!

We continue our lessons on MQL4.And this time, we are with you write the adviser, who will use the signals of the indicator which is designed trading system "Victory" and we are with you try to automate a little manual labor.


Homework lesson 3 mql

Using the knowledge you have acquired after this lesson, I ask you to remake Advisor so that:

  • closing market orders did not occur on the opposite border of the channel, and in the midline.
  • Add signal indicator "stochastic" adviser and combine the signals of the indicator "TMA".
  • higher / lower channel boundaries to deliver a safety stop-loss at a distance from market orders to compensate for losses in case of possible loss of market orders (with obligatory installation of SL, TP).

P.S. If you've just joined us begin by reviewing previous lessons:

  • Introducing MQL
  • cycles, functions and order in the EA.

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