How to monitor your account on Myfxbook

How to monitor your account on Myfxbook

Hello.I think many of you have heard about the importance of doing the trading diary.Accounting and analysis of trading activity on your account, if you are trading with the help of advisors, or manually, is very, very useful.
But if we analyze the reports from the terminal by hand, it will be very long and tedious task.Fortunately, there is a service Myfxbook statistics, which does all the analytics of your trading activity on the machine.You only need to provide a service data report from the terminal.

In today's video tutorial we will talk about how to add monitoring your account on Myfxbook, as well as the basic features of this service (it is absolutely free).

1.Registriruemsya online

2. After registration click Settings - & gt; Add Account

myfxbook list of accounts

3. Further, there are several ways:simple, sophisticated, and with the adviser.

simple way to

1) Choose «Metatrader4 (AutoUpdate)»:

2) Specify the account name (can be anything, a la "My system"), a broker,

account type, server, login in MT4 investor password.

3) Then click «Create Account».If you have entered the correct login / password for the account, the system will notify you of this:

Your monitor is created

and offered a choice: "Go to monitoring your account" or "Customize publicly display" (the default account monitoring is only visibleyou).

4) All in an easy way any more extra.Action does not need to produce.

hard way

1) As with the simple way, go Settings- & gt; Add Account.

2) Select the platform Metatrader4 (Publisher) , all indicate that asked (investor password can be omitted, but in this case the story of your trade will not be confirmed).Hit "Save" button in the bottom of the page.

3) Again, go to the page "Settings", look for our new account and remember its number.

account number on myfxbook

4) Open MT4 terminal (logged into our account monitoring), click Tools- & gt; Settings- & gt; Publication and stamped data as in the screenshot below.

myfxbook list of accounts setting publication in MT4

5) Hit OK .

10-30 minutes later, monitoring our accounts updated.

Note that by using a simple method of monitoring will be updated at all times, regardless of whether the terminal is turned on or not.But to update complex way (through the publication of the terminal), Metatrader4 must be online.

Monitoring of account with the adviser to update

1) Thus, after pressing the button "Add Account" in the Settings section, select the Metatrader 4 (EA) .

Mifksbuk ea MT4

2) on your computer to boot the installer .exe advisor.Run it (as administrator) and in the window that appears, select the folder with the MT4, where you want to install Advisor.If the terminal folder is not found a machine, it must be added via Add button.

mifksbuk ea installer

3) Next, click the Install button and adviser established in our trading platform.If you have it opened, the terminal will need to be restarted.

4) Attach adviser to any schedule, following the installation instructions advisers, starting with item number 5.

5) The counselor setting specifies the refresh interval, your mailbox indicated at registration in Myfxbook and password from the Myfxbook account.Hit Ok .

mifksbuk ea settings

6) A few minutes after work Advisor, you will be a new monitoring accounts listed on Myfxbook.You will only add additional information (optional).

How to share their monitoring with the public?

If you copy a link from the browser on your monitor page, it will generate an error for other people.The correct link to your monitor is at the bottom of the page with him.

Link to your monitor MyfxBook

also advise you to read the page "Help", then many questions about using the service you disappear: