Lessons on MQL

Learning MQL: Trailing Stop

How to insert Adviser Trailing Stop

Good day, young Padawan programmers!

We are continuing cycle of lessons on MQL4.According to your requests, which were announced at the forum today, you and I will write a trailing stop for advisers.In this lesson we will look at a few options and stop tracking, perhaps one of them you have successfully put into practice when creating your shopping expert.


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Using the knowledge you have gained after a video lesson, I ask you to write a trailing stop:

  • fractals (Fractals);
  • Parabolic (Parabolic SAR).

P.S. If you've just joined us begin by reviewing previous lessons:

  • Introducing MQL
  • cycles, functions and order in the EA
  • Writing an adviser on the external display
  • your first counselor in the Martingale