Forex Analysis

Trading Ideas on 09/30/2015

Hello.Let's evaluate the situation on the market and see what we can try to trade tomorrow 30.09.2015

Calendar anticipated events

11:30 UK.GDP (y / y) (Q2) Forecast: 2.6% \\ Prev .: 2.6%
11:30 UK.GDP (q / q) (Q2) Forecast: 0.7% \\ Prev .: 0.7%
12:00 Eurozone.The Consumer Price Index (CPI) (y / y in September) Forecast: 0.0% \\ Prev .: 0.1%
15:15 US.Changing the number of non-farm payrolls from ADP for September.Forecast: \\ 194K Previous 190K .:
15:30 Canada.GDP (m / m in July) Forecast: 0.2% \\ Prev .: 0.5%
22:00 US.Speech by Fed Chairman Yellen


ERUSDaili 30092015

on pair EURUSD Doji again after the break, and rollback to the level of 1.12000.We continue to consider buying with the immediate objectives in the area of ​​1.14500.


AUDOSDaili 30092015

On AUDUSD pair finally passed the level of 0.7000 and formed a Doji him.It looks like we will continue to trend down.I think should be considered safe to sell.


EURAUDDaili 30092015

On EURAUD pair again was not strong enough to consolidate above 1.61300 an

d formed a Doji pattern.But then we came out with a triangle in the direction of the main trend.I think you can wait for a small pullback in the border triangle area and then continued growth.


ЁRGBPDaili 300922015

couple EURGBP all the hard sell, and it seems to continue the trend and decided to come out with lateral movement.I think the growth will continue, possibly after correction back to the border.I will look for buy signals in the area of ​​0.74000.

Fundamental analysis


eve of crucial talks aimed at sealing mass bargain Pacific, Conservative leader Stephen Harper promised to protect the Canadian dairy industry is insisting that any decisions about supply management will be accepted by Canadians and not "foreigners".

During the event in Vaughan, Ontario - Harper stressed that any trade agreement should bear for the benefit of "all" of the economy of Canada and marked with the agricultural sector as a cornerstone of many local communities.

Government remains committed to the supply management system through trade negotiations.Canada's food control system to protect the domestic food industry, controlling prices for milk, cheese, eggs and poultry through the sale and import restrictions by high tariffs.

Tomorrow, Minister of International Trade Ed Fast will join the Canadian delegation in Atlanta for dvuhnevnyh negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP).Conservatives are hoping to close a deal to establish a large free trade area in just a few weeks before federal elections scheduled for 19 October.


deficiency payments in the UK is the largest in the developed world, with growing concerns about how it is financed

Most of the news about the British economy shows positive marks.Low unemployment and, one might say, labor participation is at a record high level.Economic growth has returned to pre-crisis trend, investments grow albeit at very depressed levels, while inflation at zero, and returned a long-awaited growth in real wages.This entails early signs of revival in productivity.

Nevertheless, there is something that prevents recovery of the UK economy.It's not necessary to go far away, and we need only look at the external manifestation of this embarrassment.In the UK last year recorded a current account deficit, which is essentially made up of the difference between how much a country spends abroad and how much she earns.6.5% of GDP - the largest deficit in peacetime than ever been before, and certainly the largest in the developed world.

Simply put, Britain is living beyond its means, and has for quite a long time.There are however a number of reasons to believe that the situation is not as bad as the headline figures suggest.The balance of trade in general, stimulated by the services sector shows improvement soft trend.