Forex Analysis

Analysis of the candlestick on 02/10/2015

Hello.Let's see what's on the Forex market on 2.10.2015

Calendar anticipated events

11:30 UK - index of business activity in the construction sector (Sep)
15:30 USA - Change in the number of people employed in non-agricultural sector (Sep)
1530 US - unemployment (September)


GVPUSDaili 2102015

on a pair GBPUSD seems to have gathered a lot of buyers in the area of ​​the level 1.5200 and the price moved down against them recoilless.Formed after yesterday's doji pattern Pin Bar a relatively strong level.I assume the continuation of the fall.But sales should go carefully, becauseIt has been going on too long recoilless downward movement and you can get just a correction, selling at the bottom.


AUDOSDaili 21022015

On AUDUSD pair formed a pin-bar based on the level of 0.71000 and the trend line.I think it is worth trying to open the sale after the breakdown level of 0.70000 in anticipation of the continuation of the trend down.


EURAUDDaili 2102015

On EURAUD though and came out with a triangle, but is vseravno remain sid

eways between the two levels.Today formed a Ping-bar based on the level of 1.57302 and the upper boundary of the triangle.I think you can go shopping in the trend.


NZDOSDaili 2102015

NZDUSD looks like is going to come out with the outset and formed a Doji on the top border.We look forward to once again move down.You can try to open sales with the targets at the lower end or lower if the trend will continue.

Fundamental analysis


US employers added jobs in September, this event is a good sign for the Fed raising interest rates on one of the two remaining meetings this year.

Monthly Report Employment Labor Department on Friday, 8:30 am EST (12:30 GMT), will almost certainly show that the US economy is growing, and we can safely expect a decline in unemployment in the coming months.

«The US economy is alive and well," said Phil Lachowycz, Fathom Consulting economist in London.

unemployment rate is likely to be fixed at 5.1 per cent in September.Economists believe that it is necessary to add about 100,000 jobs a month to keep up with population growth.This is important, because job creation above this level will reduce the unemployment rate, for a long time and increase the risk of resurgence of inflation.

«We are still working on it," said David Stockton, chief economist at the Federal Reserve between 2000 and 2011. It is expected that the US central bank will raise rates in December.

Eurozone Eurozone inflation is negative in September.

inflation rate in the range of 2% -4% is required to ensure that economic growth occurred.Current annual inflation to fall to -0.10% in September, compared to 0.10% in August 2015.

The fall is mainly due to the fall in energy prices.They fell 8.90% in September, compared with -7.20% in August 2015.

While the inflation outlook was negative for the euro area, the indicator of economic sentiment improved by 1.5 points to 105.6 in September.In addition, the indicator of business climate in the euro area rose by 0.14 points to 0.34 in September.

Eurozone is 12.20% of the total world GDP (gross domestic product).This means that any economic crisis in the euro area can greatly impact all over the world.In order to save Europe from the crisis and revive the economy, the ECB (European Central Bank) held a program of QE (quantitative easing).Nevertheless, despite the fact that the ECB has taken a number of measures, the European economy is still moving at a slow pace.


costs among Japanese households rebounded in August.

Consumers spent more on cars, household repairs, travel and education expenses, exceeding the monthly expenses by 2.9 percent.

Optimistic figures were a rare bright spot in the factory output and business confidence data data that point to a reduction in the third quarter, before the release of GDP figures for the period July-September next month.

«The resumption of growth in household spending ... in August suggests that private consumption rebounded in the last quarter," said Marcel Thieliant at Capital Economics in the comments.

«But we still expect GDP will shrink as a result of falling investment and net exports.»

Meanwhile, other data on Friday showed Japan's unemployment rate rose to 3.4 percent in August relative to July's 3.3 percent.

In the current situation, for every 100 jobs account for 123 of the candidate.Ultimately this could lead to up to three percent decrease in unemployment in the coming months.