Forex Analysis

What to Expect on Monday 10/5/2015 ?

Hello.It begins a new trading week and it seemed to have a couple of interesting situations that can be traded 5.10.2015

Calendar anticipated events

11:30 UK.index of business activity in the services sector in September
17:00 US.index of business activity in the non-manufacturing sector ISM on September


ERUSDaili 5102015

on EURUSD which is jostling between the two round levels of 1.13000 and 1.11000.On Friday formed a Pin Bar.Probably should wait for the fall and will probably break the trend.But I would of transactions in the sale refrained, at least until the breakdown of 1.11000 and trend line.


EURAUDDaili 5102015

On EURAUD again Ping bar just to the other side.Looks continue sideways between 1.61317 and 1.57302 and wait for the release of its borders.Sales do not see at all, buying in the direction of the main trend can search from the outset the bottom border.


ЁRGBPDaili 5102015

On EURGBP price goes at the upper limit outset and circular level 0.74000.Formed Doji pattern and it is not clear go back int

o the framework of the outset or after the breakdown will continue to trend up and growth.To consider only the purchase of the trend, sales are very risky.


USDZhPIDaili 5102015

USDJPY already do not want to go from the level of 120,000.The next exit down ended Ping bar and closing the inside of the triangle.You can try to buy at the pattern, he has strong support in the form of a level of 119.00.But I would refrain from transactions and wait for developments, for further decisions.

Fundamental analysis

Asia \ US

World Bank officially cut forecasts for Asia and the US rates.

Bank forecasts reduction of growth in the developing countries of the Pacific Ocean, as well as East Asia up to 6.5% this year and to 6.4% in 2016, compared with a previous forecast of 6.7%.In light of the recent assessments is below last year's 6.8%.

Last month, the Asian Development Bank said that the slowdown in China will push growth in developing regions, up to 5.8% this year.International Monetary Fund repeatedly noted that the slowdown in the second largest economy in the world provides a threat to the global economy.In East Asia accounts for almost two-fifths of the world's economic growth, according to the World Bank.

Meanwhile, the US Federal Reserve, now expects China's economy to grow by 6.9% this year and 6.7% in 2016, compared with a previous forecast of 7.1% and 7% respectively.

Interest rates in the United States, meanwhile, are expected to increase for the first time in nearly a decade in the coming months, which could lead to a "flood" of capital, draining emerging markets.

Japan Bank of Japan reduced its forecasts for economic growth and inflation in 2015 against the backdrop of the global financial slowdown and falling costs of commodities.

Due to the slowdown in China and other emerging markets, the world economy will expand their activities to only 3% this year, the bank said.

Japanese business investment, consumer spending and some areas of economic activity held confidently, according to the bank, but he fears that domestic growth may fall below expectations.

BOJ cuts as its forecast for consumer price inflation from its earlier estimate of 0.7% to less than 0.5% this year in the wake of the oil price decline.

But the head of the Bank Haruhiko Kuroda remains optimistic for their own purposes by a 2% inflation rate, which is the cornerstone of Japan in an attempt to overcome the years of deflation and revive the withering economy.

However, consumer prices fell by 0.1% in August, the annual growth rate, which is the first drop in more than two years of operation of the active capacity of these indicators and is now the central bank may start a new round of stimulus.