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Do not rush to press the button !

Avoid pressing Hello friends!Do you have itchy fingers in the trading process?There you have a great desire to press the button and enter into the market right here and right now?Most forex traders know this feeling.

market is in motion.Price is flying in the same direction for hundreds of items, but there is one catch: you're not in the market!Observing this situation, you would think that the trade goes in the direction of the lucrative, but did not dare to enter ... Oh!How to be in such situations?

Can the price will unfold?Yes maybe.But not unfold!Now you criticize yourself, and counts the number of points and dollars you could get if it entered the market ...

Let's stop for a moment and analyze: it goes without saying that this situation is thrilling for your emotions.The more the market moves in the desired direction, the stronger your emotions splash.It seems that time slows down ... each price movement is a roller coaster.In addition to all the trouble the market "out of control", and the price is movin

g higher and higher.This time, however, your patience bursts under the pressure of your emotions, and you jump into trading right here and right now ...

Buying Forex Hai

Above is a graphic example: you have assumed the upward movement and the opening of a long position, but decided not to enter the marketuntil he reached the top ...

Why ???

Why did I lose in the forex

Familiar Are you this situation?Almost all traders at some point pass through it.And in most cases the sale results in a loss.Why?Because as soon as a trader on the market jumps high or low, the market immediately begins to unfold and go against you (at least it occurs in 99% of cases).There comes an emotional turning point, when a trader opens a position often at a time when the price continues to smash one of the directions.Striving trader push button becomes almost irresistible.Oddly enough, the trader will not rush to get out of this position after a few minutes, even if in most cases the price will inevitably demonstrates the reverse movement.Such is the nature of markets.


Pressing the FX button

button above process is called "pressing a button", which naturally leads to the entrance of the market.In the scenario described above, the trader enters the market later.It is also common and the opposite: early entry into the market due to the expectation of a potential movement.This is called "chasing the market."Both cases actually lead to the same problem - the inevitable losses.

Do not get me wrong - that you enter the market, there is nothing wrong.Each trader should enter the market, as there is no other way to take advantage of the opportunity that the market for trading.However, the entry into the market may be right and wrong.The same, incidentally, is true to exit the market.

wrong way: it is obvious that the script is a poor entry above.Traders are chasing the market and the ability to trade.They press the button, because they have bursts patience, and discipline is lost.They spent emotional capital.The internal pressure of the fact that they are not in the market, greed (think how many points could be earned), mistakes of the past (why I did not go to the market earlier) and tracking of market price movement lead to the inevitable pressing error.

How to deal with it?

The struggle with the emotions in the forex

The right way: the trader uses a trading plan and a proven strategy specifically for the analysis and assessment of the state of trade a currency pair at a given time or day of the session.The trader expects the emergence of conditions for entry prescribed its strategy and plans its opening position.The trader shall trade under these conditions, and performs trade management plan accordingly.The trader focuses on the implementation of his plan, and is not distracted by any internal thoughts that can divert his attention from following his goal.At the end of the day trader it evaluates whether his trading plan properly implemented.

becomes obvious that the right to follow their strategy allows the trader to focus on his terms, not on the missed opportunities or other distractions that cause an emotional imbalance.Ideally, traders should be used every time the correct method.Needless to say, there are bad days, when even great traders can deviate from your trading plan and find that they traded incorrectly.How can this be avoided?

1) Less see graph

During trade control your emotions.If you notice that viewing graphics pretty intense, that your emotional state may lose balance.

Take time to relax from the trade and the computer, as a result of you will restore the ability to concentrate.

When markets rise in your emotional reactions, get up and move away from the screen to restore your physical and emotional state.

When the market creates emotional balance the load on your mind, take a long break after spending time outside of your office / home, take a walk, you can take a walk a dog or cat.

2) Measure twice, cut once

At that moment, when you are going to trade, double check that you have firmly follow your trading plan.

Some traders enter the market only after the correction, even if it is only a small pullback to the 15-minute chart.Their motto is: before you enter the market, concentrate.

Another trick used by some traders: at the moment when they decide to enter the market, they are waiting for an additional 1 candle (on the time frame that they use to login).Usually it is a candle, which traders enter on a pullback to obtain the best price for entry.And they usually come if the price continues its path.Just try to go to one candle later - often it will save you a certain amount of points.

3) Strive not to make money, and the right to trade

Set yourself the goal is not to earn as much as possible and sell as much as possible.It's not the same thing.Evaluate each of his deal is not in terms of profit / loss, but in terms of how it has been opened and closed in accordance with the rules of your system.

And as you struggle with emotional transactions?

How do you fight with emotions in the forex

sign of whether your script, which we mentioned at the beginning?What rules do you use?Are there any things that help you avoid accidentally pressing the button?Thank you for your attention.Good trading!

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