Trading sessions on Forex : when to trade and when not to ?

Trading sessions on Forex

Good day to readers of our forex blog.This article is intended for beginners forex traders.We talk about, which exists trading sessions in the forex , on schedule sessions what time most suitable for forex trading , and when to refrain from transactions.I also share with you indicator for Metatrader 4, which automatically marks the sessions on the chart.

When running forex?

When working the forex market

Currency market forex is open 24 hours a day 5 days a week.Since different countries have different time zones, and to change the currency to large companies need to constantly, Forex, unlike the stock market is open around the clock.

trading sessions schedule

The procedure of trading sessions forex

Technically, trading in the Forex market starts on Sunday morning in Tel Aviv and continued until lunch on Friday in New York.However, Tel Aviv Session is so small that it is usually ignored, and these begin trading on Monday morning in Wellington (New Zealand).

However, Wellington - a small area, so there is little momentum.Trades start really become a

ctive when awake Sydney and Tokyo.but when you open a trading center in London, the site with the largest turnover, trading volumes just take off.When London goes for lunch, connected to trading in New York, the second largest center for currency transactions.The largest volume of transactions take place in a period when the London day, and in the New York morning.Then London is closed, and New York remains the main trading center until the end of the day.The most sluggish trading period - at the junction of the closing of New York (US session) and the opening of Wellington.

then opened Sydney, and the cycle repeats again.

How do you know what time opens / closes each of the trading sessions?

We all live in different time zones.Russia (currently) does not translate the clock to summer / winter time, and Europe and America continue to translate.Therefore, it can easily cause confusion with the time of trading sessions in the forex.

To all was clear and understandable to schedule sessions, regarding your local time, I propose to use the service Forex Market Hours.Everything is intuitive, you only need to set your time zone and the schedule of trading sessions immediately be reconstructed in accordance with your time.Visual instruction is in the video tutorial at the beginning of this article.

At what time is best to trade?

The fact that the forex market is open 24 hours a day, does not mean that you do not need to move away from the monitor around the clock.There are active during periods when you can make good money, and there are periods of calm, when the transaction is better not to open it.

If you are trading on the daily charts, the trading session can not pay attention.You simply open / close the position at the end of the current daily candle.Same with the four-hour chart (H4).

But during intraday trade on the charts with a period of 1 hour and below, the most favorable period for the opening of transactions - from the beginning of the European and the first 2-3 hours of the US session.At the end of this period is to close existing transactions and forget about trading until the next day.

trading sessions indicator

As promised in an earlier post, I share an indicator of trading sessions for the MT4 terminal.In general, these indicators a lot, we will look at the most popular - I-sessions .

Set indicator on the standard instructions, you will only need to adjust the opening / closing of the sessions in accordance with the time of your broker on the trading terminal (clock in the window "Market Watch").

After installing I-sessions on the chart, you will see a similar picture, as in the screenshot below.LED displays different colors during each of the sessions, as well as the distance in points, which took the price per session.

Indicator I-sessions picture increases by clicking

Download indicator of trading sessions forex

dovnload - BLK - Green

Important!Nuances of the installation in new builds Metatrader 4

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