Forex Analysis

A brief overview of the market on 08/12/2015

Hi All.Let's look at a couple of interesting situations to trade the Forex market on 8.12.2015

Calendar anticipated events

12:30 UK.The volume of manufacturing industry in October
20:50 Canada.Speech of the Bank of Canada's runners


ERZhPIDaili 8122015

On EURJPY after a rollback to the level of 133,50 formed another Doji pattern.The possibility of subsequent growth further.You can try to buy a little, but I will not comment on the transaction.I do not like long and short candles kickbacks after them.


HAUUSDaili 8122015

for gold rebounded from the level of 1084.70 and formed a pattern of inner bar.Maybe we try to resume the fall and will continue to trend down.You can try to consider selling.At the stop pattern gets more transactions with a short stop can search junior TF.

Fundamental analysis


China's exports fall for the fifth consecutive month, while imports reached a record thirteen months fall.

Overseas shipments fell 6.8% in November compared with a year earlier, the customs administratio

n officials said today.Imports decreased by 8.7% year on year, leaving a trade surplus of $ 54.1 billion. A trade data from the report last week showed that China's manufacturing conditions fell to its weakest level in more than three years.

sluggish trade in combination with the slowdown of housing construction industry and may force politicians to take measures to alleviate the situation, even though the sixth consecutive decline in interest rates and accelerating budget spending.The slowdown of imports and reduction in energy demand in the first place, continue to exert considerable pressure on the market.On Wednesday, there are data on inflation, which is likely to testify that consumer prices rose almost in half, which in turn will allow justifiably talk about deflation in producer prices.


Canadian dollar fell today to the lowest level against the US dollar since June 2004, as a fresh drop in oil prices has pushed it down.

The loonie closed at 0.74 cents on Monday, slipped below that level during the trading day.This is the first time the Canadian dollar was below 74 cents US since June 2004.

reason weakness served as a new round of oil price decline.Oil lost another $ 2.34 US to close at $ 37.63 per barrel of WTI, setting a new annual minimum and reached its lowest level since 2009.

Canadian dollar and the economy in general, continue to depend on oil prices and soorganizovyvatsya with the dynamics of their motion.Therefore, the prospects for strengthening the currency in the first place to look for positive trends in global energy demand.Otherwise, the loonie may test fresh lows in the near future.


US dollar, in turn, demonstrates the significant recovery against commodity currencies in the beginning of the week, reaching a ten-year highs against the Canadian partner.

Commodity currencies also remain in a defensive position, after the Chinese trade data, which have not done enough to allay fears over a slowdown in the Chinese economy.

US dollar rose 0.1% against the Canadian, trading at 11-year highs ($ 1.3524) on Monday.It is the strongest level of the US dollar since mid-2004.

inability of OPEC to come to an agreement on a production ceiling on Friday gave the green light to investors and they started to sell oil and currencies of exporting countries, such as Canada and Norway.
US dollar is likely to trade at high levels against the Canadian dollar in the coming months, given the weakness in oil prices and the different perspectives of the US and Canadian monetary policy.