Forex Analysis

Analytics Forex currency market on 10/12/2015

Hello.Below is some advice on forex trading on 10.12.2015

Calendar anticipated events

11:30 Switzerland.The decision of the Central Bank's interest rate.
15:00 UK.Interest Rate Decision
15:00 UK.Minutes of the meeting of the Committee on monetary policy
21:30 UK.Speech by the head of the Bank of England Carney


AUDOSDaili 10122015

On AUDUSD pair pattern Pin small bar at the level of 0.72000.It appears below the price was not allowed and will try to continue to grow.I consider for this pair shopping with the immediate goal of 0.7400.


USDSADDaili 10122015

On USDCAD formed a Doji near 1.36000.Maybe go back down to 1.34500 in the correction.But I consider for this pair only buy with the objectives of 1.38000.


HAUUSDaili 10122015

for gold again tried to pass the level of 1084.70 and formed a not quite correct pattern Pin Bar.Maybe we try to resume the fall and will continue to trend down.You can try to consider selling.

Fundamental analysis


British Chamber of Commerce has lowered forecasts for economic gr

owth in the UK, citing weaker-than-expected growth in trade and productivity.

Business lobby group has cut its growth forecast for this year to 2.4% from 2.6%.In addition, the forecast fell to 2.5% from 2.7% for the years 2016 and 2017.

But, nevertheless, the UK economy continues to recover at a moderate pace.Although the slowdown in the second quarter by 0.7% and reduced forecasts for growth for the services sector which accounts for over 70% of GDP, of course, undermine the credibility of the players in the currency.Everyone knows that you should not rely on the fact that consumer spending will fuel the economy and the politicians will have to find ways able to return the rate of expansion on track.


The government and the ruling coalition are thinking about how to cut back twice a fixed tax rate for cars and other small companies depreciable assets.

Currently, the tax rate is 1.4% of the appraised value of the assets.This measure will be included in the planned reform of the taxation system for fiscal 2016 will significantly increase the profitability of small companies.

but will pay attention primarily to the fact that the government is taking a course on the expansion of the export potential of the country, trying to strengthen the economy through the implementation of the prospects opened not so long ago ratified the pact on free trade in the Pacific region (CCI) is important for the players.But, in general, long-term perspective, and now the national economy will undergo pressure, including the pressure of the necessary reforms in the production systems of taxation and customs control, which will lead to substantial costs, which could, in turn, affect the yen.


Unemployment in Australia fell to 5.8%, showing the lowest level in 20 months.

number of employed increased by 71,400 people in November, despite expectations of a loss of 10,000 jobs.The unemployment rate fell after a two-month period of rapid growth in jobs over 28 years.

This year, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) cut interest rates twice in order to stimulate the non-mining sectors of the economy to fill the gap left by the decline in investment resources.Chances are that job growth will continue in the first months of the new year, which generally indicates that Australia is more confident than it might seem, to cope with the weakness of the global economy and emerging markets in particular.The Australian dollar traded above 73.00 against the US dollar, before slipping back slightly to 72.97 by the end of the session.And until the new year, it is necessary to believe, yet there are strong signals for the AUD.