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for USDCAD scalper from Megadroid creators.He sells rare (a little more often than the Droid), but to the point.practically no losses.Perhaps the world's best adviser for USDCAD.

beginning of the EA :

Platform: the Metatrader 4

Hours: Asian session

Currency pair: USDSAD

Timeframe: M15

creators megadroida last December brought to market a new botpair USDCAD, - PipSniper.But they sell it to a strange pattern: they need to buy affiliate-link slivator Pips4idiots, send a purchase number - then they will give the code to work pipsnaypera.Since

pips4idiots costs only $ 7, you get the license Pipsnaypera cost a penny to summu.Kazalos, why not buy a license? BUT !!!

This is contrary to the policy of pirated

So I planned to carry out hacking advisor.I paid programming job.Advisor was ready, but today, a few hours ago, overseas comrades ahead of us with the creation of the free version of ... Hmm, as they say shit happens.

But of course you are all free.Freebie))

Description Advisor settings PipSniper

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