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Description PipSniper Advisor settings

Description PipSniper Advisor settings

value parameters to configure Adviser PipSniper

AuthCode - all free of charge for us, no codes to enter so

MinLotSize - min.razmer trading lot that will be used advisor

MaxLotSize -maks.razmer trading lot, which will be used advisor

Note: If you set the same values ​​and MinLotSize MaxLotSize parameters, we obtain the trade fixed (unchangeable) lot.

TradeLevel - the level of risk for each position as a percentage of available free funds (sm.parametr EquityMode) or the balance in the account

EquityMode - when TradeLevel inclusion will be based on the level not engaged in trade funds.

StealthMode - when turned on, take profit and stop-loss orders are not sent to the broker's server.

PipTarget - the level of take-profit (in points)

StopLoss - stop-loss level (in points)

TimeProtect - indicates the time (in minutes), which is given to a warrant on the goal (Teyk-profit) .Po after this period Advisor will seek to close the position at a profit.

GmtOffset - a deviation from the server time broker GMT time

AutoGmtOffset - when trading in real time, this option is better vklyuchit.Togda Advisor automatically determines the value GMToffset.

Note: when testing counselor in the Strategy Tester, AutoGmtOffset should be turned off and put manually.
Here are instructions on how to determine its value: How to set the correct GMT offset

MaxSpread maximal rate spread (in points) to trade.If the spread exceeds this value, the adviser will not open warrant.

Reference - magic number: the code for which the adviser determines its position can be any.However, it is impossible to have two advisors on one account was the same magic.Otherwise there could be confusion with orders.

TopPadding / LeftPadding / TextColor1 / TextColor2 - These settings control the appearance and location of the information from the adviser on the chart.