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Overview of the situation in the forex market on 12/17/2015

Hello.Below is some advice on forex trading on 17.12.2015

Calendar anticipated events

12:00 Eurozone.IFO business climate index Germany
12:30 UK.Retail sales
16:30 US.Manufacturing Index


NZDOSDaili 16122015

again not gone on a couple more NZDUSD 0.68000 and formed a pattern Dodzhi.No and to 0.6700 and below the price not allowed.I probably will continue to consider only the purchase and give up sales and wait at least 0.6900.Moreover, the bulk of sales, and it could serve as a force for continued growth.


USDZhPIDaili 16122015

on a pair USDJPY price returned to the level of 122,500 continuing correction.I think that a maximum of 123,000 to continue the movement, and then we form a good pattern Price Action to enter the sale.

Fundamental analysis


the US Federal Reserve, finally, to raise interest rates by 25 basis points, in line with its earlier promises to tighten monetary policy in 2015.

Three months ago, the central bank has refused such an opportunity amid concerns that the global financia

l potreseniya will constrain economic activity.

However, in September the world has not become more peaceful.Commodity prices have fallen;iron ore fell below $ 40 per tonne, while Brent is trading at seven-year lows.The dollar strengthened against the euro;Loans will be more expensive.The reason for the rate increase, despite the tougher market conditions, is in the real economy: unemployment in the US has consistently declined to 5%, and core inflation in consumer prices on Tuesday reached 2%, the Fed target level.


Australian shares jumped 0.8% at the opening today pposle the Fed announced its first rate increase in more than nine years.

Benchmark S & amp;P added 2.42% on Wednesday in anticipation of a guideline for the federal funds rate, which as a result has risen by a quarter points to 0.25-0.50%.

Australian dollar fell after the news but quickly recovered and is trading 72.39 US cents (2310 GMT) to 72.06 cents on Wednesday.

The fact that the Fed raised rates mean that the US economy is finally developed enough upward momentum to withstand the hard money policies.The question for investors mogih now is to determine whether the momentum gained in the stock markets, including Australia's enough to enter the bullish rally up to the end of the year.


Canada's main stock index jumped during the second half of the day on Wednesday after the US Federal Reserve raised interest rates;S & amp;P + 1,91%.

Some of the largest banks in the country, meanwhile, continued to rise after the Fed's decision;Royal Bank of Canada closed at + 1.9% at $ 75.05 and Toronto Dominion Bank 2% to $ 54.99.

However, it is probably only temporary prosperity for Canadian emerging market.Higher rates in the US and lower energy prices will trigger capital flight from Canada to more developed countries, namely the United States.

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