Forex Analysis

A few trading ideas for Monday 12.14.2015

Hello.Let's look at some interesting situations for Forex Trading on Monday, 14.12.2015

Calendar anticipated events

13:00 Eurozone.The volume of industrial production
14:00 Eurozone.ECB President Draghi


ERUSDaili 14122015

on EURUSD pair price of formed another candle in the pattern of inner bar.I think it is a small correction and will try to continue to grow further.I consider for this pair purchase.


ERZhPIDaili 14122015

On EURJPY is not quite correct PIN-bar level 133.500 area.The pattern formed after the breakdown level and the correction back to him.It looks like going down.the next goal underneath 131.00.But the deal probably will not be considered here, sinceprecarious situation.


EURAUDDaili 14122015

On EURAUD after a rollback to the level of 1.50000 rebounded and continued to grow forming absorption.I should not expect continued growth to 1.57300.I consider this pair only purchase.

Fundamental analysis


Business confidence in Japan remains unchanged, and the company plans to continue to adhere t

o bovine expenditure, according to the quarterly report of the central bank, which was released today.In this there is a certain amount of relief for politicians, concerned that headwinds in the global economy could disrupt the already fragile recovery of the economy.

However, despite the favorable investment plans, companies remain hesitant to increase spending for the next three months, Glan way due to sluggish demand in emerging markets.

data also show that the Bank of Japan continues to pursue a course of expansion of large-scale programs to stimulate the economy.

In general, the economy of Japan hung common to many developed and developing markets, pressures, mainly - the low demand.And now many large companies predict its further reduction in the next quarter that will keep them from increasing capital spending.That is why the attitude of the Japanese yen against the US dollar has not changed after the report.The next signal is likely to increase the interest of the US Fed, which can cause significant risks to the financial markets, including the Japanese yen.


Greece can not remove the program from the IMF of its economic rescue, said the head of the EU's rescue fund on Sunday, adding that the possibility of excluding Greece from the euro zone remains a real, if the Greeks neglected reforms.

Greek Prime Minister Tsipras claimed last week that part of the global lender as the International Monetary Fund is not desirable in a third country's salvation program, stressing the "unconstructive position" of the IMF in relation to the tough reforms and safeguards.

Earlier Tsipras left government was forced to retreat from their promises to the electorates, expressed in the "anti-economy" principles, and adopt three-year rescue plan to 86 billion. Euros to major European and global creditors.

US Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen told the Senate Banking Committee that the central bank is in no hurry to raise interest rates.Yellen reiterated the word "patience".On Wednesday it will appear in the Committee of banking and financial services of the American Chamber of Commerce.

Yellen spoke of the solid improvement of the economy, but also about the disappointing participation of labor and anemia wage growth.She also said that this recovery in these sectors may take several months before the Fed dare to stimulate prices.Stocks soared on the news and the S & amp; P 500 and Dow closed at a record weekly high.

question whether the Fed will dare to raise rates this week may become clearer clearer on Wednesday, but many analysts see the recent statements Yellen signals which indicate that a rate hike will be delayed to March 2016.