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Forex Expert Advisors : Forex Gold Trader 2.1

Yes, yes ... you often ask about this sovetnik.Enjoy 😀

Who among us has not heard the phrase «money should be kept in gold, by-it is always growing! Petrovna nonche heard talking on TV, even shomore will be ... » .Menya too often friends ask:

-Well, zolotishkom purchased now or to wait How much to take at all???

Nor mad gleam in his eyes ... It seems the love of the yellow metal, gold rush, he got from our ancestors.

Anyway, about EA:

Platform: Metatrader4

Hours: around the clock

Tools: XAUUSD (gold spot), XAGUSD (silver spot)

Timeframe: H1

monitoring real account:

Bektest to 2007 (default setting):

What makes EA?- All the time buys gold to satisfy demand for the yellow metal, has not yet come to an end on monitoring dengi.Prodazh I videl.Esli glimpse at the schedule XAUUSD, once there thought: «Yes, Che is there to think, it is necessary to buy, buy !!! »

but in practice, the gold is not always rising, and may fall over the years:

with gold as well as oil, -The

price increases, but may padat.Prichem much.

If the price of gold will arrange a long entry to the south, the adviser will merge deposit, continuing pokupki.A as long as the yellow metal goes up, the author will continue to be considered an expert money gullible buyers.

Forex Gold Trader - banal peresizhivatel.Ne advise.

Version 2.1 is able to sell more, and silver, but on real accounts of the author does not use this tool, -I think everyone understood why :).

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P.S.esli you are not familiar with the installation of advisors, see. Installation, Configuration, and trade forex advisors