Forex Analysis

Analytical review of the Forex market on 12/21/2015

Hello.Let's see what's on the Forex market at the beginning of the new trading week 21.12.2015


ERUSDaili 21122015

on EURUSD pair formed the inner bar.The pattern is in the level of 1.085000 area.It seems that the lower price is not worth the wait and let the attempts to resume growth.You can try to search buy with the expectation of continued upward trend.


USDSADDaili 21122015

On USDCAD formed a Doji after the breakdown of the level of 1.38000.Perhaps the fall even below the level of correction, and then continue to rise further.I continue to consider buying this pair.


AUDOSDaili 21122015

On AUDUSD Vnurenny bar below the level of .72000.It seems a long upward trend to go could not and should not expect continuation of falling.I begin again bow to thoron sales for this pair.


USDZhPIDaili 21122015

On USDJPY went a little higher than expected, and resuming the fall formed a pattern of absorption.For the sales pattern is obtained a large stop loss, I think you can look for entries in the transaction within the day.only sales under c


Fundamental analysis


Friday adjustments claimed by the Bank of Japan may mean that the central bank has reached the limits of a sharp weakening of the monetary policy in its persistent movement to the two percent inflation.

Initiative expansion of the program with the Bank of Japan buying exchange-traded funds, as well as an increase in the average maturity of holdings of Japanese government bonds aimed at providing additional support for the ongoing efforts of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to increase wages, capital investment, and restructure the economy.

Under the new program, the Bank of Japan will buy ETF-s include companies that "actively investing in physical and human capital."

Probably, this initiative will provide many companies the necessary support, and in general can significantly improve the business environment of Japan, but such an undertaking entails known risks of long-term consequences of limiting monetary easing policy aimed at overcoming the risks of economic contraction and deflation.The Japanese yen showed a slight rise last week, but eventually returned to its original course.USD \ JPY closed at 121.14.Report on US GDP and presentations from the Bank of Japan will have a strong influence on the movement of the pair this week.


In Spain elections: the traditional two-party system is going to Spain, this time to gather the parliament by majority system of the four parties that gain the maximum number of votes.According to preliminary polls, none of the parties does not pick up the absolute majority of votes.The best result for the markets would be a coalition between the acting center-right party and a new civil Ciudadanos party.Coalition between the left and Podemos IDMS also possible.But the suspension of Parliament may hit the euro, which is politically necessary clarity.

Today we learn PPI in Germany, as well as the Bundesbank monthly report on the state of the German economy.In addition, in the second half of the day waiting for the update of the index of consumer confidence in the Eurozone.

Many economists see a bearish trend for the EUR \ USD this week.Implemented Initiative Fed rate largely knock down the investment interest in the euro against the background of their early differences with the ECB in the impact of a tight monetary policy in the US markets.


British government runs the risk of overdoing it with the intervention of the labor roar, imposing a higher minimum wage and a new tax to finance the student practices that could jeopardize economic growth in the country, according to a group of employers Krupa.

Slightly more than half of the companies that participated in the CBI survey said that overcoming such initiatives by increasing the prices of goods and services, and 27% employ fewer workers higher wages after the adoption of the program in April.

CBI poll showed that the percentage of companies expecting the possibility to add new jobs has fallen by 8% during the current fiscal year.

Bank of England continues to closely monitor the labor market, whose welfare is one of the most important conditions for a tighter monetary policy.This week may be favorable to buy the British pound, partly due to a sense of calm overtake after another "historical" interest rates on Wednesday.There is a risk reversal rates on the back of strong data on the US dollar and the Japanese yen last week.The most prudent approach to trade in this festive week will be the neutral position.On Wednesday, we are waiting for the report on GDP.