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Daily Forex Analysis for 12/22/2015

Hello.Below is some advice on forex trading on 22.12.2015

Calendar anticipated events

16:30 US.GDP (q / q) (3 sq.)
18:00 US.Sales of existing homes


YuSDHFDaili 22122015

on USDCHF pair already run around a couple of days in the area and the level of 0.99500 now formed a Doji pattern.It seems that we move back down to an attempt to pass the level of support 0.98000.I'm on for this pair trades refrains, but more inclined to sales.For transactions not like the current picture.


GVPUSDaili 22122015

on a pair GBPUSD price formed a Doji pattern in several circular level area of ​​1.49000.I expect the price a little lower in the area of ​​1.48000 where already possible to start correction.Start correction is not possible now, becausebefore that pretty good and recoilless fell by 1.52000.New sales open on patterns it is not necessary, because thea small price to support the course.


GBPZhPIDaili 22122015

on GBPJPY short Doji pattern on the level of support 180.345.level strong enough so better to close the open sale in whole

or in part.I think the level of correction will start up in the area of ​​183,000.Shopping is not to be construed asthey are against the trend.

Fundamental analysis


North American markets raced on so-called Santa Claus rally on Monday, despite the drop in oil prices pushed the loonie to its lowest level since August 2003.

Oil prices slipped again, fell 25 cents to $ 35.81 US a barrel.Oil dropped from highs above $ 110 in July 2014, after the OPEC and other producers began to accumulate stocks, while demand from major consumers such as China, sagged.

Investors' attention is now focused on the monetary policy of the US Federal Reserve, which could create a wave to tighten monetary policy at the rate decision that may substantially affect the price of oil in the medium and long term.Sensitive commodities, the Canadian dollar fell to 71.61 US cents, its lowest level since 2003.The growth of Canadian this week will still depend on oil price movements and other official trading signals have not been forthcoming.


average price of a gallon of gas across the country has fallen to less than $ 2 dollars.The lowest level recorded on Monday morning at $ 1.998 per gallon, compared to $ 2.00 on a Sunday, but the gas was not so expensive since 2009.

price of $ 2 is a major milestone, but cheap gas is already available in most regions of the country.More than two-thirds of gas stations across the country sell gas for less than $ 2 per gallon, according to OPIS (Information Service covers developments in the oil market).

Oil prices are reduced steadily after the OPEC meeting on December 4, after the world's largest oil exporters were unable to reach agreement on the limits of production.The glut of oil on the market has pushed its price to seven-year low, and the International Energy Agency expects the glut will continue throughout 2016.

dollar index against a basket of six major world currencies amounted to 98.40.Looking ahead, we expect the pace of the revised US GDP for the third quarter.Most forecasts encounters the expectation of growth in 1.9% compared to the preliminary estimate of 2.1%.The report can also slip information about a possible tightening more from the Fed in 2016.Traders are configured for long-term positions are waiting for signals indicating or "pigeon" or "hawkish" approach to raising interest rates.


China's leaders have said they will take further measures to support and growth, including the expansion of the budget deficit and stimulate the housing market to prop up the economic downturn.

Monetary policy needs to be more "flexible" and fiksalnaya a "strong" to create "appropriate monetary conditions for structural reforms," ​​said the government in a statement released the official Xinhua News Agency on Monday.

Flexibility of monetary policy was the main topic in recent months, and now China's central bank is moving towards the creation of what he calls the corridor of interest rates, which encourages borrowing costs, getting a boost from the old model to establish credit and deposit rates directly.However, such initiatives are very long-term, and investment interest in the Chinese market, is equally as demand for commodities from China will be undermined, and that will continue to destabilize both developed and emerging markets.

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