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Boiler EA - EA on the basis of the indicator Goiler

As promised, the owl spread based on the acclaimed indicator Forex Goiler .

About EA

Platform: Metatrader4

Hours: around the clock

currency pair: EURUSD (but restrictions on the use of other couples there)

Timeframe: H1

Advisor trades on thesame rules as Goyler.I already painted in a note about this indicator, I will not repeat.In addition, with the help of the add.settings, you can change the expert trade slightly.

info on setting

TradeFridays - on \ off trade on Friday

MoneyManagement - on \ off avtoraschet lot

PercentRisk - the percentage of the risk of the depot when the MoneyManagement

LotSize - fixed lot size with disconnected MoneyManagement

MagicNumber - code to the adviser could distinguish its position from others.Do not change.

StartHour - opening time positions advisor (GMT Time)

Orders - the number of orders (1 or 2), read more about the recording Goiler

Dalembert - capital management by D'Alembert, easy Martingale

DailyCloseAll - on / off closure of all orders at the end of the day.If you disable this setting will only be deleted otlozhenniki not triggered.

TP - the level of take-profit levels for Goylera.TP = 1 - light green line 2 - the dark green line.intermediate values, for example 1.5 can be set.

BreakevenAtPips - profit level for translation into the black

TrailingStopPips - Trailing Stop size (for 0 turns off)

TrailingStep - increment trailing (in points, while 0 is disabled)

SetStopLoss - opportunityset your stop-loss, without using the indicator levels

SetTakeProfit - the opportunity to set your profit target without using the indicator levels

LevelMarks - on \ off display at levels chart Forex Goiler




sure to read the post about Forex Goiler , otherwise you will not understand much.

bekteste used in setting the rules for the display (you can see in the screenshot).As we can see, the adviser was developed under today's market - until 2011 balance curve goes down.However, a lot of settings, you may be able to choose more optimal settings.

Download Boiler (Goiler EA)

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P.S.If you have difficulties, see. Faq working with advisors .