Forex Analysis

Analysis of the Forex market on Wednesday 12/23/2015

Hello.On the market are all basically on the sly goes according to plan for tomorrow and not much interesting situations.Let's take a look at them.

Calendar anticipated events

12:30 UK.GDP (for the third quarter and annual)
16:30 US.Basic orders for durable goods
16:30 Canada.The base index of retail sales
16:30 Canada.The revised GDP for October
18:00 US.Sales of new homes


USDZhPIDaili 22122015

on a pair USDJPY again stuck at the level of 121.000, and formed a small Doji pattern.again possible to revise 122,000, but in general at the moment still waiting for the continuation of the fall and the breakdown level of 121.00.


HAUUSDaili 23122015

again rebounded from the level of 1084.70 and formed a pattern of inner bar for gold.Maybe we try to resume the fall and will continue to trend down.You can try one more time to consider selling.

Fundamental analysis


US economy expanded by 2% year on year, according to revised data on GDP in the last report, the Ministry of Commerce.

Even with a slight decrease in overall growth, consumer demand has grown significantly in the last quarter, as employment in the labor market has improved, but fuel prices have remained low.However, consumers can not alone bear the burden of the first catalyst in the world economy, overcome with slowing global economic growth, so the US market, such factors as business investment and government spending will have to be just as stimulating.

economy grew at an average rate of 2.3% in the first half of the year after expanding by 2.4% in 2014.

slight decrease in growth in the third quarter, reflecting a smaller increase in inventories than previously anticipated.And the pace of consumer spending is almost unchanged compared with the previous quarter, as lower costs for financial services was offset by a greater benefit among non-profit institutions serving households.

But the dollar fell this time on the news about the weakening of investment in the housing sector, against most major currencies.In late New York trading on Tuesday, the euro rose to $ 1.0954 from $ 1.0921 in the previous session, while the British pound fell to $ 1.4814 from $ 1.4883.The Australian dollar rose to $ 0.7227, the Canadian dollar to 1.3940, and the yen also rose to 121.04.Slight drawdown of American who grew throughout the year, and which promises to strengthen still higher than at the beginning of 2016.


State loans were more than expected in November, because of doubts about the forecasts for this fiscal year.

Borrowing for the month amounted to £ 14.2 bn., Which is £ 1,3 bln. More than in November 2014.

Total borrowing for the fiscal year to date amount to £ 66.9 billion. To £ 6.6 billion. More than in the past fiscal year.The independent Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR), which for the entire 2015-16 financial year, borrowing will amount to £ 68.9 billion.

ONS reported that total public sector debt rose to £ 1,536.4 bln., Which is equivalent to 80.5% of the annual production in the UK.
British Pound was down against most of the currencies of the basic basket, and many analysts predict that there may be additional losses, in light of the Bank of England's pursuit of tighter monetary policy.