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FxOriginal - Martin is back in vogue ?

Forex Advisor FxOriginal on Martingale, budding.Is that possible!??

Attention !!!

Be very careful!The Expert Advisor uses Martingale : to minus transaction adviser opens the same, but with a lot longer: the initial lot may be increased to 50 times (!).Under certain circumstances, this can lead to loss of all deposit.

I often say that the martingale - this shit for quite desperate traders.Yes, in most cases it is, but if there is a small amount to open a cent account, why not indulge :)?Sure hope for some kind of a permanent income on Martin's stupid, but fun for quite get away.

About EA

Platform: Metatrader4

Hours: clock

Currency pair: EURUSD

Timeframe: M5

at the office.We offer online advisor to $ 299.God will judge them, we are more interested in monitoring live accounts.Monitoring of all three, and they are only available through a password in the address bar, so beautiful images, this time there will be)) By the way for one of the accounts provided zamonit

orennyh investor password (see. Below).

Score 1 (low risk) :

Broker: Alpari

Server: Micro3


Investor password: l7mzgrz

score 2 (moderate risk) :

score 3 (lowrisk) :

settings Description

Expert ID - code for councilor orders neededto the expert did not confuse their orders with the positions of other councilors.

Allow New Series - if you disable this option (false), the adviser does not open a new series of warrants, the warrant has not yet closed the previous series.
risk settings:

Risk Level - this parameter determines the level of risk and capital management.There are four possibilities:

0 - Advisor will start with lots specified in FixedStartLot parameter.

1 - low risk

2 - average risk

3 - a high level of risk

Use Strategy Tester in Metatrader 4 to calculate the risk of a suitable size for your deposit and account type.

FixedStartLot - starting lot, if setting is 0 RiskLevel


2007-2011 (FixedStartLot = 0.1)

Advisor certainly dangerous, but quite entertaining.

Download Fx Original

discussion in the forum

Important!Nuances of the installation in new builds Metatrader 4

P.S.Installation note that FxOriginal.dll file must be located in the root folder of MT4 and in FxOriginal32.dll experts \ libraries.

Also see. Faq on trade advisors, in order to avoid unnecessary issues.