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Advisor QuantumFxBot appeared in early summer, but I somehow did not reach the hands of him to write.Before us non-stop a scalper for 4 pairs (not remind you of anything? 😉) with good monitoring.

Platform: Metatrader4

Hours: clock


Timeframe: M5

Helpinstallation and working with advisors

Some say QuantumFxBot - is reworked copy of the Wall Street Forex Robot, but I think it's not so simple.Maybe some ideas were borrowed, but the output we have a completely different product.

Firstly, the stop-loss at QuatumFxBot only 28 points.And to enter the market using pending orders.Quantum as well as Wall Street comes on pullbacks, but overall I would not call him a copy.A similar idea, another execution.

developers took into account the way that many people like to observe the work of advisers and for the suffering of entertainment added indication of the current trend and a number of filters with darting arrows, in order to mak

e monitoring of the adviser more entertaining.All these features are displayed on the chart with the set QuantumFxBot:

Well, I suggest to start with the bad news, namely the tests of history.As usual, when the tests used a permanent item 0.1.









Yeah, bektestydefinitely not encouraging.However, sincetransactions in the real world does not completely agree with the tests, I think we are dealing with one of the frequent cases when the tester is absolutely useless.At the office.our website offer monitoring of the EA on a demo account, with a much more favorable results than the historical tests:

Note that developers starting in March, completely abandoned in his test on the pair EURUSD.

also Burt, author of the influential blog, recently started forward test this EA on a real account:

In the real world is not enough time has passed, but the trend is positive.Personally, I watched the owl on the test and the real Burt to his credit some time, maybe later, fire up a separate test QuantumFxBot in RoboTest section.

Update : trend was negative, continue to observe.

Description Setting QuantumFxBot

Use_Money_Management - on / off automatic money management (wealth management)

RiskPercent - interest on the transaction risk (what percentage of the deposit will be lost at a loss) when the money management.

TakeProfitPips, StopLossPips, TrailingStop - the ability to change parameters and limit losses of profit, trailing stop adding to the position.If you are not an advanced user, do not change anything.All values ​​are specified in the old settlements.

StartHourLimit, EndHourLimit - opening hours advisor.Default QuantumFxBot works round the clock.But you can limit the time it works by changing these settings.The clock should be changed in accordance with the time of your broker, it is at this time, trade expert and focused.

MagicNumber - a unique number, which marks QuantumFxBot their orders.Need to EA does not confounded their positions with the positions opened by other robots and manually.Do not touch.

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Important!Nuances of the installation in new builds Metatrader 4