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Why do you have to think differently than other traders


Good day, fellow forex traders.

As people living in society, most of us have similar instincts and desires.

Thus, in any given situation, we tend to act and react as most other people.Our behavior generally reflects the behavior of all the others.

And for the average person who wants to become a successful Forex trader, this is bad news.

why successful traders minority?

a minority of successful traders

Much has been said about how difficult it is to succeed in trading, but what most people do not realize that trade not because is difficult that winning traders in the minority, but because traders winners mustbe in the minority, so the trade is complex.

As can be seen, a good deal is not in the same way, it is good to take the exam in mathematics.

the exam if the students have answered all the questions correctly, they receive a rating of "Excellent".If an "excellent" is produced only a few students, it's probably because the exam was difficult.

But trade is not the case.

If you get an "excellent", it does not mean

that you will be successful in the trade.Trading profit is strictly limited.

Think about the following:

Imagine that only 3 of the trader in the world, and each of them will start with $ 1,000 in the account.

Eventually, (subject to continuous trading) only 2 possible outcomes:

  1. One trader makes money (eg $ 400), and two traders lose (eg, -200 and -200 $ $).
  2. Two traders making money (for example, $ 400 and $ 400), and one trader loses (for example, $ 800).

In the first case, a successful trader in the minority.

In the second case, however, the most successful traders in the ... at first glance.

But what happens after an unsuccessful trader loses all his money?

Then the two remaining traders have to trade with each other, until, eventually, among them there will be only one successful trader.The loser trader joins the previous loser trader to form a new majority.

So, as you can see, natural and logical outcome of the trade is that the number of winners always will seek to minority.

This will happen regardless of how "easy" or "difficult" is a trade.

This is the inevitable result, which depends on how the game is structured.

How to enter the circle of successful traders

range of successful traders

So we have established that:

  • Most people have similar instincts and behavior
  • Trading Game is arranged in such a way that the number of successful traders will always strive to minority

The conclusion from this is that in order for you to become a successful trader, you probably need to learn to think and act otherwise on how people think and act your colleagues.

you trade like all other traders?

how to trade not because all

If successful trading was a natural and intuitive, most people have become successful traders.

But, as you already know, this can never happen, because the number of successful traders will always strive for the minority.

The bitter truth is that the profit in the trade can be done only at the expense of other traders.Another way to make money in this business is impossible.Technically, it is impossible to earn money each.After all, if you're selling, someone has to buy it.And vice versa.

next step

the next step is to profit

So, after reading the information above, I want you to think.And we try to look at your strategy, emotion, money management side.You do everything like everyone else?You follow the primitive instincts of the crowd?Or do you have a vision?What advantages do you use?Or do not use, and might?

Disconnect social networks, Skype, and other garbage vaybery for 5 minutes.Think about it.