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I'm sure many have heard about the copyists transactions.Copying is useful if you want to trade one strategy, but with a different lot in two accounts at the same time, if you manage to score a friend, or if you have any adviser, trading only on demo (trial version of paid product).And in other cases, is the need everyone has his own.

Systems to copy a lot of transactions, but most of them are either inconvenient to use, or not free, and some refuse to work at all.

In this review, I would like to highlight the installation and operation easy copyist, made in the form of advisors.

1. Download the archive with the installer (link at end of article).

2. Set 2 metatrader. One is the master terminal from which the transaction will be copied, and the other - the customer-terminalom.Na which will be set kopirovanie.Chtoby 2 metatrader on one DC, just call in raznomu.Naprimer folder: Alpari MT 1 and Alpari MT2.

3. each terminals go Tools- & gt; settings- & gt; advisers .and stamped tick as in

the screenshot:

4. Close terminals.

5. Run the installer copyist.

6. Choose «I accept the agreement»
Hit Next, select the destination folder (can be any).
Mext- & gt; Next- & gt; Install

7. make sure that we are not ticked off c «Start Software Installer», click «Finish»

8. Then run the installer needed advisors.

9. Hit Next


in the first row to select the path to the folder with the MetaTrader, which will be copied to the transaction (the master), and in the second line, which copied (the client).

11. Hit Next and OK

12. After writing that the installation is complete , open both the terminal and see that both charts on MT4 sitting councilors:

SignalProvider the master account on the client

13. In the settings of both advisors on the "general" tab need to check how to work with any other adviser.

14. The settings wizard
Lot Multiplier 0
everything as it is in the client settings:
LotSize 0.01 (install necessary)
VariousLot false
ExpirationHours - put a little more, such as 5, unnecessarily.because some of the time difference of DC, the signal may be erroneously interpreted as expired.

15. Open at both terminals demos and open / close / modify the transactions on the master - to see how everything is copied, and at the same time check the correct installation.

Download copier


Important!Nuances of the installation in new builds Metatrader 4