Forex Analysis

Forecast Forex market on 01/05/2016

Hello.Below is some advice for trading in the Forex market, for those who scored on a holiday weekend and running at full capacity.

Calendar anticipated events

11:55 Eurozone.The number of unemployed in Germany in December
12:30 UK.index of business activity in the construction sector
13:00 Eurozone.CPI for December


ERUSDaili 5012016

on EURUSD pair formed a Doji on the level of 1.0800.We can continue the outset and return to 1.1000, but overall I think will continue to fall.I continue to consider selling with immediate goals 1.05000.


YuSDHFDaili 05012016

On USDCHF rolled back to the earlier break of 0.9900 and formed a Doji pattern.I continue to consider only the purchase and wait for growth with the immediate goal 1,0200-1,02500.


GVPUSDaili 5012016

On Pound \ Dollar as Doji after a rollback to a penetration level of 1.4800.I continue to consider only the sale and wait for the price drop to 1.4600 and below.


USDSADDaili 5012016

On USDCAD excellent absorption pattern at the level of 1.3800.Given that the trend is u

p and the majority of people are in sales, I think I should wait for growth.I continue to consider buying from good targets 1.41500.


SAGUSDaili 5012016

of silver could not again pass the level 14.00 and formed a Pin Bar.I should not expect the resumption of the fall after the outset and continuing downward trend.Good targets for sales 13,00-12,50.

Fundamental analysis


In the new year, world markets open at significantly weakens the pressure from China.

Monday sale in China provokes a drop in stocks worldwide.

economists agree on the three main causes of today, which largely explains why the Chinese economy continues to put pressure on world markets at the beginning of the year:

for nearly six months, large institutional investors in China, selling its products was banned.Limitation plan to remove this week.

China has also introduced a system of trading stops on the principle marketwide, aimed at reducing the volatility, but this initiative may have only added fuel to the fire.

first auction ran very hard, the market has fallen by 5%, and then dropping down to 7% during the day.

Christmas failures in China puzzled many.Currencies of commodity-exporting countries and major trade partners have felt this effect to an even greater extent.Add to this situation the growth of tension in the Middle East and it becomes obvious that the exchange of such countries as Japan, Canada and Russia will greatly suffer serious headwinds, foreshadowing even greater slowdown in growth markets.


US dollar significantly higher against the yen and euro in Asian trade on Tuesday, as previously mentioned the return of the Chinese stock market has spurred investment interest and to clarify some of the short-term trading prospects.

American trading near 119.46 yen in Asia today, compared with 119.41 yen late Monday in New York.Having fallen in price to 119.10 earlier in the session was the upward momentum on the news about the growth of stocks obtained from official agencies Tokyo and Shanghai, which allowed the greenback briefly touched 119.70 yen.

Tokyo NSA index gained 0.04%, offsetting yesterday's losses as much as 123 points.

Shanghai index gained 0.4% yesterday after China's regulator said on denunciation of the program control of major shareholders Sales.However, the index is still opened today by 3.0% lower.

now, the financial markets are likely to switch their attention to the US Federal Reserve expected data that can clarify the mood of the Central Bank on further tightening of monetary policy.The dollar continues to rise in the medium and long term, but the index still lost 0.01% this week, closing at 90.39.