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Auto -management positions in the Metatrader 4

First I would like to put a universal adviser manager with multiple functions, but checking it in practice, I noticed that he did not always perform the appropriate action, subject to usloviy.Poetomu decided to share what I use myself -set of advisers, each only performs certain functions, but it does so clearly and without oshibok.Ved often the average user need only a few relevant options to him.

Note 1: The setting description for each advisor is in the archive.

Note 2: For DC to 5-digit quotes, to configure the number of items you want to add 0.

Note 3: Time to advisors adjusted over time in the terminal.

experts List

e-CloseByLossOrProfit - an adviser to the closing of all positions when the general in a row a given level of loss or profit in the deposit currency.In addition, the Advisor may also a delete pending orders.

e-CloseByPercentProfit - an adviser to the closing of all positions when the total on the account of profit, expressed as a percentage of the

current balance or increase in the total loss in a row above a specified percentage of the balance of the account.In addition, the advisor can more and delete all orders and close the terminal, so that after profit or loss over one or adviser could not trade.

e-CloseByProfit - Advisor closes all positions when they reach a given level of total profit or loss in points.When calculating the profit for each open position Advisor takes into account only the difference between the opening position and the current price.Dimensions lots calculation of profit is not affected.

e-CloseByProfitPosInCurrency - Advisor covers only those items that have a profit in the deposit currency exceeded a predetermined value.

e-CloseOnTime - Do you want to close your position at a certain time?The adviser will help you.This is especially useful when you need to absent himself or during sleep.

e-MoveSLTPbyMouse - Advisor is designed to move with the mouse price levels StopLoss and TakeProfit of open positions.When working with this advisor is supposed to manual opening position and manual installation of the initial price levels of StopLoss and TakeProfit.And then the adviser for each open position creates two horizontal lines, hard priyazannye to price levels of StopLoss and TakeProfit.After creating these lines adviser begins to monitor their position on the chart.If you use the mouse to move some line, then the adviser immediately appropriately change the price level, which is tied Moved line.When you close the position and the removal advisor from a chart he removes his line.If either is not set, the corresponding line will be installed advisor of price levels.

e-MovingInWL - Advisor is designed to move the stop to breakeven open positions when they reach a given level of profit.If the ShowComment = True, the adviser for each item will display the value of the current price and the stop value (the price level and the value in points).

e-MovingInWL2 - Advisor is designed to move the stop to breakeven open positions when they reach a given level of profit.The main difference Advisor e-MovingInWL2 from his older brother e-MovingInWL is the presence of two additional parameters: AllSymbols and Magic, which allow you to select the position of the monitored more flexibly.

e-MSound - for tracking the progress of tools.Tracking is performed in two directions (up / down) and the two distances, the specific values ​​are set in the parameters.As soon as the tool passes the monitored distance, an audible signal.It's very convenient - to obtain information about what the tool has passed, for example, 30 points up or down.

e-News-Lucky $ - At the time appointed Adviser puts stop orders and BuyStop SellStop.Distance installation orders from current market prices custom.If you open a new bar none the order did not work, then modify their adviser.Moves that they were back at the right distance from the market.Thus, the current timeframe determines the frequency modification quiescent orders.It should be every 5 minutes, place the adviser on the M5.It should be every hour, put on H1.When triggered, the other one order is removed.The position is closed or on foot / Teika, or at a set time.

e-OCO - Advisor One Cancel Others - One cancels the other.Activation of one order cancels other orders.Advisor monitors the appearance of any item (or an operation OP_BUY OP_SELL) in the terminal.Position may appear on the market, or after entry or after the triggering of a pending order.Once the item appears as soon as the adviser removes all orders (operations OP_BUYLIMIT, OP_BUYSTOP, OP_SELLLIMIT and OP_SELLSTOP).Advisor "sees" only the order and position of the current character.Order and position of another character, he will ignore.

e-OpenByTime - your strategy, your preliminary analysis of the market situation, offer you to make a deal in konretno time.And if such inputs are infrequent, then any one of them will be especially sorry to miss because of some stupidity, like traffic jams or any other physical impossibility to be near the computer.e-OpenByTime Advisor will help you.Put it on any number of instruments and any timeframes.For each set of copies of their own, the response time necessary to you in TimeTrade parameter, parameter, set the Sell direction of the transaction.And rest assured, if the adviser does not prevent the lack of communication with the trading server, it is required to open the position.The time interval during which the adviser will attempt to open a position is limited Duration parameter.

e-ScreenShot - at the beginning of each bar makes a screenshot of the current chart.For example, if the adviser put on the M5, the screenshots will be made every 5 minutes.If you have indicators that you suspect of spying, to wipe away the and other "tricks", then the adviser will help you catch the cunning, not spending this procedure too long.Just put on the correct chart indicator, the trailer to the same schedule our advisor e-ScreenShot, and a certain number of time study screenshots in the folder .. \ experts \ files \.

e-SOTrailing - This EA is designed for those who catch reversals stop orders.All tactics work in this case is reduced to exhibiting stop orders at a distance after the price of the market and their movement.An important point: orders are tightened to the price, that is moved only if the price of the warrants was gone.From the order price does not escape.This is what has been e-SOTrailing Advisor - trawls stop orders.

e-SoundWorkOrder - The adviser will beep when you triggered a pending order.Install adviser need only one chart, and it will keep track of all your orders, all the instruments.As soon as some of the work orders, counselor immediately beeps.

e-Trailing2 - Supports two types of trawl: simple (parameter TSProfitOnly = False), ieimmediately after the opening of the stop position is tightened on the size of the trawl and profit-treyling (parameter TSProfitOnly = True), in which the feet are moving only after exceeding profit posture over the size of the trawl.Hang adviser as soon as possible on any single chart (AllSymbols = True), and a few (AllSymbols = False).

e-VTrailingByProfit - Advisor is designed to support a virtual method of a simple aggregate trailing trader's position on its total profit in the deposit currency.Under the cumulative position refers to one or more positions in one or more trading instruments.It should be borne in mind that the actual foot adviser puts.Level stop profit is kept "in the mind".The counselor realized the selection of positions on the trading instrument name, the type of transaction (Buy / Sell) and ID products (MagicNumber).


Important!Nuances of the installation in new builds Metatrader 4