Forex Analysis

Several trade ideas on 01/06/2016

Hello.In general, everything goes as expected, but let posotrim on a couple of points that have to be traded tomorrow 6,01,2016.

Calendar anticipated events

12:30 UK.PMI
16:15 the US service sector.Changing the number of people employed in non-agricultural sector
18:00 US.index of business activity in the non-manufacturing sector
22:00 US.Publication of protocols FOMC


NZDOSDaili 6012016

on a pair NZDUSD dropped to a fairly serious level of 0.67000.I'd like to see a continuation of the uptrend from the level.From transactions will not comment, becauseno signal.At the moment, I am waiting for the signal to buy.


USDZhPIDaili 6012016

On USDJPY pair reached the target at 119.00.Next, the situation is not clear, but I want to see a continuation of the fall.I am waiting for an upward correction, after which I will look for signals of possible further sales.


ERZhPIDaili 60120166

On EURJPY passed 129.00 support level.You may want to wait upward correction after a long fall, and then continue to trend downwards.I thi

nk the most correct would be no further 130,00-130,500.We are waiting for signals to sell.

Fundamental analysis


Business leaders said they will contribute to the government's initiative aimed at overcoming the deflationary pressure target Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, by raising the wages and the strengthening of the capital costs.

Leaders of the three major business lobby said on Tuesday that they believe that the economy will recover moderately in 2016, although there are certain concerns about the subsequent slowdown of China's economic growth and rising tensions in the Middle East that has led to the recent sale of the worldstocks.

economic growth in Japan, meanwhile, is suffering from low consumer spending and lower capital spending by predpriyatiyay, delaying the process of movement to the target level of inflation of 2.0%.

Japanese yen rose sharply to 118.60 because of the need of investors to hedge risks, after the Chinese market fell against the backdrop of gloomy economic data and tensions in the Middle East.The Shanghai index has lost 7% in the first day of 2016.The Nikkei also fell 3% after the gloomy Chinese data.Growth prospects for the yen is mixed: on the one hand currency gains in demand against a background of geopolitical tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran, on the other - are lost due to divergence of monetary policy the US Federal Reserve and Bank of Japan.The growth of currency will depend primarily on which of these factors will dominate the market both in the short and the medium and long term.


2016 will be bumpy for the Canadian economy, as lower oil prices will continue to drag down economic performance, chief economist of some of Canada's largest banks on Tuesday.

But at the moment the Canadian economy returned to growth against a background of bygone quarterly weakness.But business prospects remain cool, as the resource sector and the lack of global demand for energy will continue to drag the economy down.WTI traded at $ 105 USD per barrel in June 2014 held about $ 40 USD the past few months, and futures contracts on other commodities also are near multi-year lows.

Chief Economist, CIBC (Canadian Imperial Commercial Bank) Avery Schoenfeld said that 2016 will be a disappointment for the world economy and Canada do not blow this fate.

Canadian dollar fell to a 12-year low of 1.4039 against the USD and up to 3-year lows against the yen to 84.34, from yesterday's close of 1.3996 and 85.06, respectively.Against the euro, the Canadian dollar fell to a two-day low 1.5095.It's hard to say what the news may serve as a signal for the growth of the Canadian in the short and medium term, however, today's publication of the FOMC minutes could push down the Canadian, saying the "hawkish" sentiment against the US Federal Reserve tightening monetary policy this year.