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Indicator FX5 Macd Divergence

Divergence MACD is one of the strongest signals technical analiza.Otslezhivat it manually is not always convenient, especially when trading multiple instruments or small taymfreymah.Etot indicator will give you the appearance of a signal and MACD divergence of prices, and draw it on the chart.

Divergence can be used as an additional filter signals in your trading strategy.

The archive version 2:
1.0 - signal is used, but can be redrawn.
1.1 - 1 signal appears on the candle later, but no redraw.
Which version is better depends on the timeframe for torgovli.Na 4 chasovikah, the daily chart is quite possible to put 1.0 to earlier signals, and in small intervals (M5, M15) will approach 1.1.

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Important!Nuances of the installation in new builds Metatrader 4