Forex Indicators

Indicator Spread &;Sessions

small indicator to show the history of the spread change during different trading sessions.

on accounts with a floating (non-permanent) Spread value at the time of the news release, as well as at night during periods of "thin" majority DC widen the spread.C this indicator you can find out how increases / decreases spread over trade.And you do not need to be constantly at the monitor - the history of the spread is displayed on the graph.indicator also highlights a different color shift trading sessions.


As usual (see. How to install forex indicator) set the indicator on the chart with the right pair of us (any time frame).

In the setting stamped GMT offset (see. How to set the GMT offset) and indicate whether daylight saving time actively (DST On / Off).

after receiving just such a picture:

different colors displaying trading sessions, and at the bottom of the screen indicates the current value of the spread (Current Spread) and a schedule of changing it.History begins to be r

ecorded from the moment when you set the indicator on the chart with the currency pair.


indicator Important!Nuances of the installation in new builds Metatrader 4