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Auto Fibonacci levels

Tired build Fibonacci correction levels manually?Then the light for you.

About Fibonacci numbers, the role they play, etc.It can be read here.

Briefly: traders prefer to bet on levels Fibo of the foot / Teika, calculate potential trends, resistance levels, etc.Roughly speaking, in the Fibonacci retracement levels, often this is the correction (rollback) occurs.

What makes the indicator?It automatically builds the correct levels (Fibonacci Retracement) based on local minima / maxima on the price chart.When you zoom in / out and change the timeframe levels automatically rebuilt.So, so you can pick the best of their location on the graph.At the beginning of each candle lamp checks whether there was a new minimum / maximum on the graph, and automatically rebuilds the grid levels when it occurs.

indicator is set as usual (see. How to set the indicator), without any tricks.After accession to the schedule, we get a similar picture:

Well, now manually build levels do not need to spend the time saved on

the analysis itself :)

Download indicator AUTO FIBO RETRACEMENT