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Forex Goyler

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today consider "Forex Goyler" widely known in narrow circles of the signal indicator.This is not the Grail, but the signals are very, very accurate.

What do we have?The indicator is based on the principles of Gann analysis (see more about Hanna. In Google), which outputs signals once a day for purchase / sale, as well as the levels of a take and stops.

So set (see. How to set the indicator in MT4) and attach the "Forex Goyler" to the daily (D1) the EURUSD graph (light can run on any other pair, but the best results are shown in the eurodollar).

obtain a similar picture (click to enlarge):

Every day at 00:00 server time Metatrader, Goyler gives a signal to buy or sell and take profit points, and set the stop-loss.


  • At the opening of a new candle obtain entry point ( Entry_1 - white line).If the light green line is above the white, then a buy signal, if it is below - for sale.Open position on the white line, s
    et a stop loss at the level of the red line ( SL ), take profit at the level of light green line ( TP1 ).
  • If the price goes in the direction of our positions and take profit triggers, close order with profit and wait for a new signal.
  • If the price moves against our positions and reach the orange line, at this level ( Entry_2 ), we open another order in the same direction as the previous one (for example, we were purchasing, then open another purchase)portable and take-profit orders on both white liniyu.Stop loss of both orders is still located at the red line ( SL ).
  • level TP_2 can be used for closing the position in detail.For example exhibit take-profit at the level of the green line for 70% of the position, and the remaining 30% of the reserve, in case the price will continue divzhenie in our direction.In this stop-loss for the remainder of the position should be transferred to the opening level.

Note 1: Open positions at the close of trading on Friday and at the opening on Monday is not recommended.

Note 2: As with any indicator, Goiler should not be used in odinochku.Nuzhny ext.filters.

Note 3: For automatic login, you can use pending orders at the orange line.

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Important!Nuances of the installation in new builds Metatrader 4